Health Checks to Undergo Before Becoming a Father

Men, as well as women, need to look after their health if they are trying for a baby. Here’s four things you should get checked out before deciding to become a father.

Sperm Count and Quality

You can buy a home sperm test over the counter at a chemist or a supermarket. A home test will tell you how much sperm you have per millilitre of semen. If your sperm count is above 20 million that indicates that you have a normal sperm count. However, having a normal sperm count isn’t an indication that you are fertile. In order to know for sure, you should have a comprehensive analysis by a fertility specialist. You will have tests for.

  • sperm morphology (shape)
  • sperm motility (movement)
  • sperm concentration
  • sperm number
  • sperm vitality (what percentage are living)
  • semen volume

All these tests together will give a better indication of your fertility and point to any problems if you have them.


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Testes Problems

It may well be that you already suffer from a problem with your testes. There are two common conditions that men can suffer from and these are:


– This is an enlargement of the veins inside the scrotum, similar to a varicose vein. Although not all varicoceles cause sperm problems, some men are effected and have poor quality sperm, or a low sperm count. Sometimes Varicocele doesn’t have any symptoms, so you might not realise you have it.


– Prostatitis is an infection or an inflammation of the prostate gland. It effects men of all ages, but it doesn’t always cause problems with sperm, but it can in some men. It can be treated with anti-biotics.

Sexually Transmitted Diseases

It is wise to be tested for sexually transmitted diseases because if they are passed on to your partner, they could affect the health of a new born baby. Some sexually transmitted diseases don’t show symptoms in some people, so you may not know you have one. Diseases include:


– Many people who become infected with chlamydia don’t know they’ve got it. If it is passed on it can give a new born baby eye problems and sometimes pneumonia.


– This is another sexually transmitted disease that doesn’t always display symptoms. If passed on to the mother, Gonorrhea can increase the risk of miscarriage or premature birth. It can also cause skin and respiratory infections in new born babies.

Lifestyle changes

Like a woman, you should definitely check out your lifestyle before deciding to become a father. In order for your body to be in optimum condition you should look at making lifestyle changes if necessary.

Eat well

– Reduce your intake of fatty foods and saturated fat in your diet. Instead, eat lots of vegetables and fruits as this will give you more energy and stop you from feeling sluggish.

Stop smoking

– Smoking can damage your sperm and then it is less likely that they will be able to fertilise your partner’s eggs.

Cut down on alcohol

– Alcohol too, has a detrimental effect on sperm. Alcohol lowers testosterone levels and effects sperm quality.

Don’t take drugs

– This effects your sperm count and quality and lowers testosterone levels. Drugs can also cause erectile dysfunction.

Watch your weight

– If you are obese then your sperm quality could be effected, which will reduce your chances of starting a family. Start to do some exercise and cut down on food portions and should find that you will begin to lose weight. Being the right weight will make you feel healthier and you’ll more energy.
Although you might be keen to start a family immediately, becoming healthy first will ensure that you have a healthy child too, so get fit and then enjoy trying for a baby!

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