Understanding Free Sperm Donation

Are you contemplating donating sperm to those in need?
At CoParents, we believe that it is imperative that anyone with an interest in sperm donation understand the many facets and intricacies involved, from undergoing a series of medical evaluations to connecting with the right recipient.

What Does Free sperm donation Entail?

The practice of free sperm donation involves a procedure in which a donor’s sample is used to impregnate a receiving female who for one reason or another is unable to naturally conceive a child themselves.


Guite to free sperm donation in UK


The process is managed with the help of a local sperm bank or a fertility clinic who will organise the collection, testing, storage and allocation of semen samples.

What medical tests should a sperm donor undergo?

Before anyone can donate, all prospective candidates must undertake an extensive medical examination that evaluates the quality of their semen. The analysis is also used to reveal any genetic disorders and donor blood type.

Screening tests that should be undertaken include:
• HIV I and II
• Hepatitis B and C
• Chlamydia
• Gonorrhoea
• Syphilis
• Trichomonas
• Cystic fibrosis
• Chromosome analysis
• Complete blood count and blood group
• Sperm count, motility and morphology.

Who Does It Help?

Free sperm donation provides a remarkable conception solution for millions of couples and individuals that suffer with fertility complications worldwide.

The method is used for any male or female couples or individuals who are physically unable to conceive a child, this might include:
• Those in a homosexual partnership
• Persons with fertility issues
• Recipients who wish to raise a child as an independent parent.

How can I find and contact people who need donated sperm?

At CoParents, we help connect sperm donors and those in need of a donation. To register online, you have to fill out your profile and add personal information such as your location, appearance, age, what you are looking for, etc.

You’ll then be able to contact other members in order to find a couple or a single woman who want a baby via free sperm donation. You can also send a message to other free sperm donors to seek advice. An online forum is at your disposal to help you search for people in need of a sperm donor to become pregnant.

What are the questions to expect when donating sperm?

Single women and couples who are looking for a sperm donor may ask lots of questions in order to help them select their donor.

As a free sperm donor, you can expect to be questioned about the medical history of your family, your age, your motivations for donating, blood type, lifestyle, whether you want to be involved in the child’s life, etc.

How should a donor prepare before the donation?

To ensure a high quality of sperm it is recommended that a donor abstain from any sexual activity (masturbation included) for at least 2 days before the donation takes place.

Nutrition can also affect fertility and sperm count. Maintaining a healthy and balanced diet before a donation can help optimize the chances of conception. Eating fruits, vegetables, complex carbohydrates, foods rich in zinc, calcium, iron and folic acid are recommended to improve semen quality.

Depending on the donor’s lifestyle, certain changes might need to be made during the 10 days preceding the donation. Things that a donor should not consume during this period include:

•Caffeine (coffee, tea, certain soda and energy drinks)
•Drugs such as cocaine or marijuana
•Certain medications (sulfasalazine, nitrofurantoin, cimetidine), male and female hormones (testosterone, estrogen), and some chemotherapy medicines.

How can a donor give their sample to the recipient?

To preserve its quality, the sample should be passed to the recipient within the hour following ejaculation. Sperm can be damaged or killed if it remains outside of the body for a long time. If you prefer a clinic to take care of the transfer for you, the donation will be frozen and then thawed out before insemination.

To produce his donation, the donor must:
• Wash his hands carefully with soap and water.
• Avoid using any lubricant, saliva, or any other product that may destroy or damage sperm.
• Ejaculate directly into the sterile container (pot or cup). If semen has been spilled out of the cup, the donor should not try to collect it.
• Close the lid and give the sample directly to the recipient or to the clinic.

Where should the donation take place?

The location and the way the sample is given is dependent on both parties’ preferences.
The donor might provide the donation directly at the recipient’s home. In a private room, he will produce his sample into a cup which will then be passed on to the recipient.

If the donor and/or the recipient prefer, the sample can be dropped off at a fertility clinic or sperm bank for collection.
The recipient can also book a hotel room for the donor to donate his semen.
If the participants do not want to meet in person, a third party can receive the donation instead before passing it on to the recipient.

Can free sperm donation be charged for?

In the UK, payment in exchange for sperm donation is not allowed. The donation should be altruistic only. They can, however, claim compensation to cover any financial loss, for instance, travel and accommodation fees. Donors can expect to receive up to £35 per sample.

What happens after the donation?

After receiving the sample, the parents-to-be can either perform an at home insemination, artificial insemination in a clinic or in vitro fertilisation, if needed.

The donor and the recipients should decide before the donation whether the donor will be committed to being present throughout the pregnancy and/or involved in the child’s upbringing, and if this is the case, to what extent.

How Can CoParents Help?

Here at CoParents, our service seeks to bridge the gap between aspiring parents, potential donors and sperm banks.
Our online service is complete with an extensive forum where you can engage with other donors to find out more information.
You can also browse our detailed listings of thousands of contributors from candidates across the world.

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  1. Being of higgh IQ and in good health, I am very happy to help
    a morally decent and healthy woman to conceive a healthly
    intelligent child or 2 children – we could both be proud of.
    My mobile is *** initially by TEXT then after we have
    found a speaking relationship you may call for us to reach agreement on any matter you wish to confirmn.
    Better still, you may feel it better to email me to first discuss or thrash out matters, as I would always be happy (if you wish) to have a close or distant relationship with the child, esp if a boy). I too would like to have a child or
    children to love and to shower things to.
    Thanks Joey

  2. im a donor given 5 females babies i eat fruit mostly food which contain vitanins i donate twice in 1 month because the first donation contain more dead sperm than other donatins, good luck to all who donate.

  3. Hi, can anyone advise? my partner and I were unmarried when I got pregnant via a donor. If we get married will this make her the legal other parent? Could I also then put her on the birth certificate?

    Many thanks

  4. Hey to all,

    I understand that one of my colleagues may have posted previously, so apologies for the re-post. We are coming towards the end of our casting so it would be amazing if you could spread the word and let us know if anyone would like to take part.

    I am posting in regards to a new ITV show that we are currently casting for. It is called “This Time Next Year” and it is going to be presented by Davina McCall. On the show people will come on and pledge in front of the nation a goal that they would love to achieve within the year. This could be a whole variety of things and we are looking for a wide range of different pledges. The reason I am contacting you all specifically is we would really love to feature couples looking to start a family and have a baby through various methods. We are looking for all types of couples and single parents to feature in the show who are happy to share their story.

    It would be great if you could spread the word to anyone not on this thread. The show is going to be very positive and will be a great experience everyone who will take part.

    Please do get in touch if you have any questions. It would be great to chat to you about this. My DD is : 02074278428 and feel free to get me on this email.



  5. Hello,

    I would like to have a baby of my own in some time ( in some years) . Until then I am in look out for a surrogate who could help me become a dad . Anybody willing to help me please

  6. Me and partner have been trying for a baby over a 11 year period weve had 2 miscarriages its broken both our hearts x is there a way we could artificial insimination. My heart is broke as my man can inly keep a hard on for 20 minutes or so xx please help me x im 31 n lost mum n dad over past year and uncles and my dog of 14 yrs x

    1. Hi Donna, sorry to hear this . There is hope and you do have options. To sustain an erection, viagra will help. Also do get some professional advice from fertility specialists, find out what the specific issue is and see if that can be addressed. Best Wishes Taffi , London

  7. I love my soon going to be my husband. But i want to have kids. My own kids. Maybe there is lesbian whi have the same will as me. Lets talj and make our own babies.

  8. am a 29 single man,looking for someone who is in need of a child. am a Malawian (east africa)am hereby to meet somebodys heart passion for a baby

  9. Awesome question and better answer! The shower went off without a hitch. It was fun to be on the other end of attending a shower by being the host.. Hopefully I’ll be able to do more of this as the years go by.

  10. Hi
    Me and my husband are looking for a woman who will help us have a child. We’re a gay couple who have been together for 11 years and in a Civil Partnership for 8, we’ve been wanting a child since we got married but had to wait until we moved into a big enough property which we finally have.
    We tried going down the fostering route but got told that we didn’t meet the criteria as we don’t drive so might not ever be matched with a child.
    We are financially stable but could never afford the money needed for surrogacy so now we’re looking for someone who would please help complete our family and help us have a child.
    Hope to hear back from you x

  11. Hi I’m 20 years old and I really want a child. I know I’m young but I feel like I would be more complete with life and to have a little human of my own would make me super happy. I still have an implant so I need to get that sorted but in the next 6 months or so I want to try. I don’t care about age or looks just of your willing to help. Talk to me for the next 6 months let me get to know the father. Thank you if anyone is willing to help me.

  12. I am a highly educated man, looking for a lesbian to get cover up marriage
    Maybe there is another solution for this problem

  13. I am a very caring thoughtful young man. I am hoping someone with replay. I have no children, and single. I always loved Babies, and children. And hopfully have this wonderful so special preises beautiful opportunity. of having a child conceived using each to successfully create a Baby. Which will always be so much loved and cared for always.

  14. Can home insemination possible that collect fresh sperms in plasticncontainer , and after 1 hour take normal injection syringe and insert inside.
    Is this possible to be done alone by female and how much its safe.
    Kindly advise me clear on this that alone a female can make home in semination and het pregnant.

  15. I donated for a African girl to have baby to join her other son in their home. We had sex on my our terms due to our location. She was taken to court which lasted up to 2.5years. Which I settle due to court fees, to be her live in babysitter, Where I had to leave every week-end & return Sunday -Monday for when she had to get up @ 05:00, take children to school, returned @ upto 16 hours later. Upto 5/6 days aweek, without payment.

  16. I’m a fit, youthful attractive solvent 51
    year old female.
    For various reasons I did not get to have children .
    But I adore kids and have worked with them as a governess all over the world. My dream is to meet a single Dad who would like a great partner and mother to his children.

  17. Thanks for sharing this article. I’m currently looking for information on MRKH as the best friend of mine struggles living with it, together with her dh they’re currently looking onto surrogacy. A friend of mine is 38 years old. She was diagnosed on MRKH when she was 18. In my country, a gynecologist is not somebody, whom you are referred to by your GP, but a doctor who becomes part of women’s lives. You see him on regular basis like your GP and dentist. Judging from what my friend told me, that made a great deal of difference. She was very gentle, by explaining her the whole situation. However it had not always been easy explaining her situation to guys. And she tended to end relationships before they could develop into something serious only to avoid confrontation. Soon she found herself an a vicious circle. She waited until 33 to start having sexually fulfilling live with her hubby, now her husband. And the fact that she cannot carry a child is hitting them now. At the age, when she’s surrounded by babies and pregnant friends… So they know there is a possibility of her own child carried by a surrogate mother and they’re currently looking seriously onto the process..

  18. Hi
    So I read the blog about natural insemination, and totally understand the message, however if I don’t ask a mutual person I feel I can’t asked the intended donors out right. So could you possibly say what would be a donors motive for NI when taking advantage of the recepiant.


  19. Dear sir/madam
    I am messaging today to enquire as to whether I’m too old to donate eggs, I’m 37. I’m looking for ivf treatment because I had a daughter with cerebral palsy and had my tubes litigated to fully devote myself to her.

    She unexpectedly died at the age of six. I have approached the CCG and they refused my application and my appeal.

    Many tha ks for your time

  20. Hello,
    I´m interested in Irish egg donors for surrogacy treatment in another country. Is it possible?

    1. Hi Maria,
      That is possible in either of 2 ways,
      1) Having found your egg donor, she could go to one of the fertility clinics where her egg(s) will be extracted and frozen for you to take to your country of choice for the procedure.
      2) Your donor goes to the overseas clinic and has her egg frozen to await your treatment.

      Hope i have been of some help.

  21. Hi there, I’m not sure how this works, I’m kind of new to this kind of thing, but I’m willing to change someone else’s life

  22. I am looking for a sperm donor to help me and my girlfriend welcome our first baby. Non smoker will be preferable thanks.

  23. Hi I am 35 single and new to this. I want to get pregnant. How much does it cost? Not really sure how it all works any info would be appreciated. Thanks ?

  24. I would like to get pregnant but due my age 42 years old I can’t conceive trying to get pregnant more than 6mo this I would like have an insinination how much is the treatment

  25. Would any one happen to have any more tips? On at home insemination my wife & I are having the hardest time this is our 6th try and still haven’t conceive.

  26. Single male
    Looking to become a parent.
    Can u give me further information please?
    Are you based in UK?
    PLEASE reply back as I’m very interested.
    Thank you.

  27. After ectopic pregnancy I have birth to two girls now I want to have a boy what can I do to have a baby boy