Where Can I Find a Sperm Bank in the UK?

frozen storage sperm bank

Every year since 2000 over 700 children have been conceived thanks to donor sperm conception in the UK. There are over 300 donors registered in the UK giving couples and individuals looking for a route into fertility another option. This data has been provided by the Human Fertilisation Embryology Authority and they are one of the leading bodies in the fertility sector. It is also a good place to start when looking to find a donor or a sperm bank.

The HFEA has a detailed search facility through which you can find clinics in your local area offering donor sperm and other fertility services. Each clinic has been approved and you can be assured of the legality of their practices. If you simply search on Google you may find clinics and sperm banks which are not so reputable.


frozen storage sperm bank


Further Information

Utilising the HFEA search facility gives a lot of information regarding each clinic and you can check out some of the key statistics which may matter to you.

Rather than simply providing overall success rates you can take a look at more details including:

Live Births

As well as giving potential patient the number of live births per clinic they also give the predicted chance of a live birth for an average patient. They also show the live births per embryo for individuals concerned about the chance of multiple birth.

Types of Treatment

In the UK there are very few dedicated sperm banks that don’t offer other fertility treatments. You can search each treatment type and look in more depth at each stage of treatment and how it works at individual clinics.

Singleton Rates

Singleton rates are important for many couples who want to find out the chance of multiples and dependent on the clinic there may be different rates recorded. Multiple births are considered the largest health risk when having fertility treatment so understanding the likelihood of one occurring really can help in deciding which clinic is best for you and all clinics should provide the support you need if a multiple birth happens.

There are sperm banks and fertility centres in every part of the UK. You should be able to find a suitable local centre and there are both NHS and private clinics. Always visit the clinic you want to go to in advance and ask as many questions as you need. The right sperm bank and fertility services can make all the difference to your journey.

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