Prices of Sperm Banks in London

If you are considering getting pregnant via donor insemination, you may be thinking of buying donor sperm from a sperm bank. This option offers many advantages: it’s perfectly safe, as the bank does all the necessary medical tests and screenings. As a result, you can be certain that the donor you eventually choose will be healthy and that their sperm will be of good quality. Additionally, you can browse donor profiles from the comfort of your own home via their online catalogue.
However, you may find yourself hesitating over which facility to choose, or unsure of whether to pick a sperm donor from a sperm bank or opt for a known donor. Knowing how much donor sperm costs is a good way to help you make your decision. Read on to find out the price you’ll pay to use sperm banks in London.


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How much do sperm banks in London cost?

London Sperm Bank

You can purchase a vial of sperm at the London Sperm Bank for £950. To be able to order a vial of sperm, you must be registered as a patient and undergo your fertility treatment at an HFEA licensed clinic. The facility may offer free delivery of samples. Otherwise, this is £150 within the UK.
You can browse donors’ profiles via their online catalogue and pick those that suit your search. You can also download their free app, available for Android and iOS.
If you’re looking for a fertility clinic, you should know that the London Women’s Clinic and The Bridge Centre have partnered with the London Sperm Bank.

London Fertility Centre

The London Fertility Centre have their own sperm bank and donors, only available to the patients of the clinic. An ampoule costs £650 if you are undergoing donor insemination (whether IUI, IVF or ICSI) with them.

The Centre for Reproductive & Genetic Health

The Centre for Reproductive & Genetic Health has their own donor sperm bank.
They also provide fertility treatments with or without donor sperm.

Where can I find cheaper vials of sperm?

Purchasing sperm from a bank may seem expensive, especially when you undergo a fertility treatment such as in vitro fertilization or intrauterine insemination in a clinic and you need to undertake multiple attempts before conceiving. Fortunately, there are cheaper options for obtaining vials of sperm.

Purchasing sperm from another British sperm bank

If you don’t mind traveling a bit further away from London, you can purchase sperm in other British cities. There are several UK centres that have their own sperm bank, most of which also perform fertility treatments.
This is the case for Birmingham Women’s Fertility Centre, with their sperm bank Birmingham Spermbank. Their vials of sperm are considerably cheaper at just £430. Additionally, just as with any other fertility clinic, they also perform fertility treatments (including donor insemination).
You can also opt for Manchester Fertility who recruit their own donors and perform donor insemination. IUI using donor sperm costs £1,350 for one cycle and £3,000 for three cycles. One vial of sperm costs £850. Alternatively, you can get three vials for £2270 or five for £3315 (which is £663 per ampoule).
Finally, at Complete Fertility Centre in Southampton, donor sperm costs £800.

Purchasing sperm from an international sperm bank

Some international sperm banks offer interesting prices. You can obtain cheaper vials if you choose sperm with lower motility (in doing so, however, you’ll reduce your chances of getting pregnant and will perhaps, as a result, have to pay for additional vials).
Moreover, vials for ICI (intracervical insemination) are cheaper than those for IUI (for which sperm needs to be washed). Don’t hesitate to compare profiles as prices may differ from donor to donor.


At Cryos, you can obtain an IUI-ready vial with low motility from an anonymous donor from around 350 euros. The same type of vial with high motility could cost you over 1100 euros. However, although the price of the low motility vials may seem appealing, costs will rise quickly if you don’t get pregnant and need more vials.

European Sperm Bank

At the European Sperm Bank, vials are much cheaper. For example, the price for an ICI vial from a non-contact donor with high motility is 274€ and for an IUI vial, this is 342€. This is 489€ for an open donor ICI vial and 529€ for an IUI-ready vial.
Be careful: it’s important when choosing your vials from an international bank to be aware of the UK requirements regarding sperm donation. If you’re having your treatment in a fertility clinic, your donor should be non-anonymous (open ID donors). Make sure also that all the rules regarding required screening and quarantine are respected. Finally, according to the HFEA, donors should be aged between 18 to 41.

Opting for a known donor: the cheapest option

The cheapest option is opting for a sperm donor you already know, such as a friend, as they would typically offer their semen for free. You can bring your donor to your fertility clinic or perform the insemination at home yourself, thus reducing costs.
Another alternative is to look online for sperm donors, for instance, on Facebook, Reddit, Craigslist or dedicated platforms connecting sperm donors with future parents. On these specialised sites, prices are negotiated privately, and many donors offer their semen for free or in exchange for a small amount of compensation.

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