10 Wonderful Reasons for a Man to Have a Baby

There are so many reasons to become a parent. To give love. To become a better person. To make the world a better place. To transmit values. In the end, the reasons for a man to have a baby are similar to those for a woman. Here are 10 reasons men want to become a dad.

They love babies

This one is obvious. However, it seems that men who have an enjoyable experience with kids tend to want to have children. On the other hand, those who’ve had unpleasant experiences with vomit and screaming tend not to want to become a dad so much.


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They want to transmit

For some men, conceiving is a way of carrying on the family DNA as well as perhaps, their name (although children can also have their mother’s name, as well as those of both parents. In the case of a family of four co-parents, two mums and two dads, for example, a choice will have to be made!).

Fatherhood is not only about blood, though. It’s also about transmitting values, knowledge and love to your child, and helping them to become an amazing person.

Parenthood makes you closer to your partner

You may be choosing to become a single dad, and that’s a fantastic decision. If not, and you’re in a relationship with a partner that you love so much, it’s only normal to want to create something together. A person who will be similar to you both, but unique.

Having a child with your significant other is the most natural thing in the world, whether you conceive naturally, with the help of a fertility treatment such as artificial insemination, donor insemination, in vitro fertilization or surrogacy, or you choose to adopt.

Raising this little person together and doing everything you can to make them the happiest child on earth is the ultimate gesture of love. The conception part (or going through the whole adoption procedure), the birth, the challenges of the first months, the first smile, first steps, and all the other major milestones that you will experience together, can make you feel closer than ever to your partner.

Having a child helps you improve your life

Having a child forces you to maintain a healthier diet, whether you’re trying to conceive and want to improve your sperm count, or whether your child has already been born and you want them to grow up eating as healthily as possible.

There is also much less time for partying, drinking and smoking, as you must be there for your child who is now your top priority.

Additionally, running to school, then work, then back to school again, carrying your son or daughter, dragging their pram up the stairs, etc. also helps you to build some real muscle!

Having a baby makes you happier

Forget for a while the sleep deprivation, changing the endless supply of dirty nappies, having no time for yourself (even just for a quick shower) and the vomit. Think instead of your child’s first smile, and the many other firsts that will come after that. Cuddling, taking care of them, playing and laughing with them simply makes you the happiest person on earth.

Being a dad makes your life meaningful

Lots of people who have kids say that becoming a parent made their life more meaningful. After years of partying, binge drinking, eating junk food and waking up late, or, alternatively, just focusing solely on their career and themselves, life suddenly becomes something more. Fatherhood gives you a greater purpose.

Additionally, some men have babies because they believe that raising their child well and instilling in them strong moral values can contribute to making the world a better place.

Having a baby makes you a better person

Parenthood is a challenge that can turn you into an entirely new person – a tender, caring father, who is more confident, patient and mature than ever. You realise how strong you are and, at the same time, how much love and affection you can feel. It allows you to discover new aspects of yourself that you were previously unaware of.

It makes you feel young again

Most men who dream about becoming a dad picture themselves playing football with their child in the yard. But the fun part begins even earlier – when you play peekaboo, draw with them, lift them up on your shoulders and do your very best impression of a wild animal! Having a child can be a lot of fun and it’s also a great excuse to be silly and to get all nostalgic while playing with your old box of Lego.

It’s the most wonderful experience a man can have

Knowing when you are ready to become a father can be tough. Wanting to take a new step in life and to evolve as a person are just two of the many good reasons for having children. For many men, becoming a father is THE experience that they anticipate most eagerly. Having a baby to take care of and raise changes your life completely. You’ve created something that you are incredible proud of. It’s challenging, sometimes it’s hard, but at the same time it the most wonderful thing you will ever do.

They want to give love

Simple. It’s incredible how much love you can feel for such a tiny thing!

And you, what are your reasons for having a child?

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