How to Organise a Baby Shower

Congratulations, you’re having a baby! Now it’s time to prepare for their arrival. This might, for instance, involve deciding how to decorate the nursery and choosing a crib, as well as selecting a pram and all of the other vital items. It’s so exciting!

Why not celebrate the arrival of your baby with your friends and family by holding a baby shower? It’s an opportunity to receive many gifts – if it’s your first pregnancy, you’ll quickly realise that baby equipment is quite expensive. This is a great help when it comes to cutting the costs. On top of that, it’s so nice to be surrounded by your loved ones for this special occasion.

It’s best to hold the baby shower during the third trimester, about 7 or 8 months into your pregnancy. Not only will you probably know the sex of your baby at this time (which can help your guests with the gifts), but the birth is also not far away, making the party even more thrilling. Traditionally, it is the expectant mother or her best friend who arrange the baby shower, or you can also prepare the party together.


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Prepare in advance

A baby shower is about having a good time with your friends and family. That’s why you should avoid unnecessary stress by starting the organisation in advance, ideally around 6 to 8 weeks before the party. Thinking ahead will also allow you to prepare something amazing and avoid forgetting stuff.

Plan your day

What food and drinks do you want to serve? Will you cook or will you need a caterer? Who will you invite? One of the first things to consider is what you’re going to serve your guests, because if you want a caterer you’ll have to book them in advance. If you want to keep things informal, a good idea is to have a finger food buffet followed by a nice cake or cup-cakes. For the drinks, you could either offer your guests tea or coffee, or if you prefer something more festive, champagne or cocktails. Make a list of the friends and family members you’d like to invite and think of the decoration.

Send out the invitations

You have two options: sending out the invites by email or by card. This depends on you and your budget, but a baby shower card received in the post always has a great effect. If you love doing arts and crafts, you can make the card yourself, and if you prepare in advance, you’ll have plenty of time to have the invites ready. Whether you choose to send them by email or snail mail, make sure that you have everyone’s addresses.


Why not offer nice gifts to each of your guests? It’s a good way to make them feel special and to thank them for coming. This can be adapted to any budget, or you could even make them yourself. Ideas for presents include home-made jams or soaps, small succulent plants, key rings, cosmetics, or personalised M&M’s sweets. You can easily find plenty of ideas on the internet or in high-street shops.

Cook in advance

If you’re cooking for this special day, you can prepare some of the things you’ll serve in advance and store them in your freezer, especially if you’re making finger foods. If you’re using a caterer or a baker for the cake, make sure you allow them enough time to prepare.

Make a gift list

Make the most of the baby shower by requesting things that you need. It’s best to make a list so that your guests know what to purchase. Include in your list items for every budget, from inexpensive baby items to bigger equipment that you don’t have. You can then send the list by email to all your guests or just the ones who asked you what to get.


Although baby showers are essentially the occasion to have a nice chat and be together, you can also entertain your guests by organising a few games. It’ll make your party even more festive! Whether this is baby bingo or changing a diaper blindfolded, there are plenty of baby-themed activities. Choose them with your guests so that everyone’s having fun!

Decorate the room

Create a warm atmosphere by adding colourful balloons, paper garlands, an “It’s a girl/boy” banner and other accessories to the room. You can also match your napkins, glasses and plates with your preferred theme. If you want, you can make some DIY craft and buy everything that you need from a craft shop or online. Just google baby shower decorations for some great ideas.

Have fun

The day of the baby shower has finally arrived! It’s a great occasion to have fun with people that you love, so try to relax. Don’t do everything by yourself and make sure to ask a friend to help you with the organisation. You’ll feel much less stressed. Also, if some little things don’t go as expected, it’s okay. Just enjoy!

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