Fun Ideas for a Gender Reveal Party

Whether you’re welcoming a girl or a boy, share the news in style with our fun gender reveal ideas.

For many new parents, the moment when they find out if they are expecting a boy or girl is one of the defining moments in their pregnancy story. It’s the moment when they start picking out names, deciding how they will decorate the nursery, and, often, when they start thinking of their new arrival as a fully formed person. Sharing the news of your baby’s gender is also a great way to involve family and friends in this important journey – creating a community of love and care around your little one. But how do you give this emotional news? For some, it’s a quiet conversation, for others it’s a great excuse for a party. If you do decide that bigger is better when it comes to your gender reveal, here are some fun ways to share the good news.


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Gender Reveal Cake

It’s a classic for a reason. Simple, effective, and tasty, what’s not to love about a gender reveal cake? There are a few different ways you can bring this idea to life. You could create or order cupcakes with a coloured centre to indicate blue for a boy or pink for a girl. You could also go for a larger party cake that reveals your secret when you cut into it for the first time. By pulling the cake out of the oven (when the oven is cold, and the cake is already complete) you can even play on the old ‘bun in the oven’ theme.

Smoke Powder Cannons

You may have seen these at weddings, but they are a really simple and visually striking way to announce if you are having a boy or a girl. Simply order these safe handheld powder cannons in blue or pink and let them fly to shout about your impending arrival. These look great on photos and can also work well if you are having a gender reveal photoshoot rather than a full party.


Why not arrange an evening get together and share your news across the night sky? Fireworks are a pretty spectacular way to share your gender reveal but handled incorrectly they can be very dangerous. Ideally, you want to bring in a professional to see gender sparks fly, but if you are handling this yourself, make sure you follow all instructions and safety guidelines closely. Pair this gender reveal with a glass of non-alcoholic fizz and a black-tie dress code.

Silly String

Kids love this fun and messy gender reveal idea. It’s also a really budget-friendly way to share your news with friends or family. Arm your guests with silly string in the appropriate colour, but keep the label hidden or covered. Then have them cover you and your partner with the appropriate coloured silly string to let everyone know whether you are expecting a boy and a girl. Just be prepared for quite a bit of clean up!


Want something a little more out there for your gender reveal? A pinata is a fun and unusual way to show off at your gender reveal party. Simply make or order a pinata that is filled with either blue or pink confetti or sweets. Then, along with your partner, take turns trying to crack it open to share your good news. You probably want to skip the blindfold though; you’re going to want to see everyone’s reaction when they find out what you’re expecting!

Balloon Box

If you’re looking for something elegant and simple, a balloon box could be the way to go. It’s also an impressive reveal that won’t break the bank. Simply fill a box with pink or blue helium-filled balloons and open it up to see your good news rise up! You can personalise the box itself in creative ways to make this fit your wider party theme or reflect who you are as a couple.

Fortune Cookies

Did you know you can order custom made fortune cookies with almost anything inside them? Stash your gender reveal inside a tasty treat by giving all of your guests a specially made cookie. If you’re having a smaller gender reveal party or just an intimate family dinner to share your news, this can be a great way to inject a little fun into the day.

Custom-Made T-Shirts

Keep your big surprise quite literally under wraps with a custom-made t-shirt that reveals your baby’s gender. This is a great opportunity to get the whole family involved, so grab a shirt for your partner and any new siblings as well. At the appropriate moment, you can all rip open your shirt or take off a jumper to share the good news. You’ll feel like a family of superheroes, but instead of getting ready to fight crime, you’ll be getting ready to welcome a whole new person!

Spell it Out

If you’re looking for a low-key gender reveal or a great way to share your announcement on social media, scrabble tiles could be the answer. Simply set up tiles to spell out ‘It’s a girl’ or It’s a boy’ and use them as place settings at your party. It’s meaningful, simple, and highly shareable.

Share it With Siblings

It’s not just parents that have a lot to look forward to when they are welcoming a new addition, siblings are often eagerly awaiting a new playmate too. That’s why it can be incredibly cute to have a soon-to-be brother or sister share the news at your gender reveal party. You can make your secret public by having them carry a sign announcing whether they are set to welcome a new baby brother or sister or dress them in blue or pink to signal your news. Pets can also get in on the act by posing with a handmade sign or wearing a custom outfit.

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