Home Insemination for Lesbian Couples in the UK

With the expectation of gay marriage being legalised in the UK this year, more and more lesbians, gay men and bisexuals are planning to become parents. Marriage is a fundamental part of the dream to have a family of your own; and so are children. With more options available to lesbian couples than ever before, there is no reason that the family dream cannot come true.


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What is Home Insemination?

Home insemination is a non-medical term that allows lesbian couples in the UK to try for a baby. A sperm donor must be found before the process can be carried out, which can be done using the CoParents member search. The sperm donor will then collect their semen in a container (normally something similar to a urine sample pot) before giving this to the lesbian couple who wish to begin a family. Next, a disposable syringe is used to transfer the semen from the container into the receiving uterus. This part is normally done by the partner of the recipient; to symbolise the baby coming from both mothers.

How Effective is Home Insemination?

Using home insemination is around 15% effective, compared to sexual intercourse which is 30% effective. There are ways of increasing the chances of conception for lesbian couples in the UK, here are some tips:

  • Ensure that the partner receiving the semen is lying on her back with the thighs slightly open and knees bent.
  • The partner receiving the semen should keep her legs raised for around 30 minutes after insemination.
  • Try performing several home inseminations throughout ovulation.
  • Keep yourself in fit and healthy condition to increase effectiveness and to improve your chances of a healthy baby.

The Advantages of Home Insemination

For lesbian couples in the UK home insemination has plenty of advantages compared to artificial insemination. For a start, the process is undertaken in the comfort of your own home and with your loved one by your side. With one partner delicately placing the semen into the other, this replicates the act of sexual intercourse to get pregnant. The situation is far more relaxed than a clinical environment, which can also help the success rate. There is also very little cost involved with home insemination, as all that is required is the equipment; a pack of 10 disposable syringes can be as little as £3 in the UK.

Home insemination is truly the choice for lesbian couples who wish to be side by side in the conception of their new family.

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