The 10 Best Fertility Apps

Ready to try for a baby? These are the best fertility apps to track your cycle and increase your chances of conceiving.

Fertility can be complex, from understanding your ovulation cycle to tracking the days when you are most likely to conceive – getting it right can feel like a minefield. The rise of the so-called ‘fem-tech’ markets has seen the number of fertility apps and trackers grow over the past decade. This means that there are now a range of easy-to-use apps that can help you stay in control of your journey to parenthood.

We have rounded up the best fertility apps on iOS and Android for you to explore, below.


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1. Fertility Friend

Fertility Friend is an advanced ovulation calendar and fertility tracker that allows you to track, analyse, and understand your cycle. Empowering women to get to know their bodies better and identify their unique fertility signs. Users can input information about basal body temperature and cervical fluid to create a tailored picture of their hormonal cycle that’s displayed in easy to read charts. Your information is then harnessed to deliver a precise fertility window.

2. Clue

Clue collaborate with scientists and universities around the world to deliver one of the most advanced period and fertility tracking tools around. The detail-driven app gathers in-depth information with over thirty tracking options available. While a clear and user-friendly interface provides a straightforward overview of both your monthly cycle and fertility window that makes it easy for women to understand exactly what their body is doing and when. We love that Clue gathers a huge range of information beyond the standard fertility measures, including details of cramps, skin, hair, and sleep to provide a whole picture view of fertility and ovulation.

3. Flo

Flo is a straightforward period app with an attractive and user-friendly design. The clean interface makes it easy for women to track their periods, ovulation patterns, and predict fertility. It also harnesses machine learning to provide accurate fertility windows. Flo is home to a thriving community – allowing women to connect with other women to ask anonymous questions about tracking, conception, relationships, and periods. Pregnancy and post-pregnancy modes mean that Flo keeps monitoring your health even after you conceive.

4. Eve by Glow

Eve is a period and sex app that promises to put women in control of their health and sex lives. Women can track period symptoms and mood to learn about their cycle trends as they log their sex habits, moods, and symptoms over time. The app also offers period and fertility tracker predictions that provide information on the symptoms you may experience day by day. Eve becomes more accurate as it learns more about you, getting smarter each time you log.

period tracker eve

5. Kindara

Kindara provides a range of science-backed tools to help women gain control over their reproductive health. Women can track and chart their cycles and fertile days while accessing a supportive community of people on similar journeys. Kindara is not only one of the best-known fertility apps around, they have also developed a new fertility tool, the Priya sensor. An internal fertility sensor, Priya continually monitors core body temperature to maximise your chances of getting pregnant. Backed by scientists and obstetricians, it is set for limited release early in 2020.

6. Ovia Fertility & Cycle Tracker

Ovia is great for women with irregular cycles as it uses a unique algorithm to track period and fertility windows. Built for women who are trying to conceive, it claims that it can help women to get pregnant three times faster than using no tracking method at all. The app also includes access to a range of articles, fertility information, and health tips. Like some of the other apps we have featured, Ovia is home to an anonymous community where users can connect and discuss their tracking and fertility questions and concerns.

7. Period Tracker Period Calendar

This colourful app can be used to track and predict your periods as well as measuring your unique fertility window. Woman can track mood, weight, temperature, and health signals including water intake and headaches. This app is great if you are looking for a simple, friendly interface that feels fun to use. One unique feature of this app is a functionality that provides reminders to take supplements or other medication – this can be useful for women who are getting ready to conceive.

Period Calendar Period Tracker

8. Ava Fertility Tracker

If you’re looking for a more advanced approach to fertility tracking, why not try Ava? The Ava Fertility Tracker 2.0 is a sleek bracelet that measures key physiological patterns while you sleep and relays this information back to the easy-to-use Ava Fertility Tracker app. It combines this information with user-inputted information about your period to create a detailed picture of overall health and fertility while identifying 5 fertile days a month for conception. If you’re struggling to conceive and want to try a more advanced approach, Ava could help.

9. OvaGraph

The Ovagraph app is based on methods outlined in Toni Weschler’s popular book, Taking Charge of Your Fertility. The app records a range of complex data to provide an accurate picture of your most fertile days and can be used in conjunction with the OvaCue Fertility Monitor – a handheld monitor with oral and vaginal sensors to accurately track ovulation. This app looks a little less colourful than others on the market and the charts can take some getting used to, but it does include lots of useful data. It’s also home to an active community of women who are trying to conceive. If you want an app that’s purely focused on fertility, this could be a great choice.

10. Daysy

Daysy is another app that syncs with an external monitor to provide highly accurate fertility tracking. The Daysy fertility monitor measures basal body temperature, comparing it to data from 5-million menstrual cycles and your own personal input to predict fertile windows with over 99% accuracy. Providing information that allows women to check if they are infertile, fertile or highly fertile at different times throughout the month. This easy-to-use and non-invasive app and monitor system offers straightforward fertility planning for women who are trying to conceive.

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