Stress can cause infertility in men too!

When a woman cannot conceive , it doesn’t always mean that there is an underlying problem with her reproductive or mental systems, in some cases it can mean that the male she is trying to reproduce with, could be suffering from a more obvious yet untreated condition.

It is not uncommon for a man to become more distant from seeking professional medical help from resources available to him, more so than a woman. Infertility among men can be a very sensitive subject and as they are less likely to seek help for any signs of problems or ailment, conditions can worsen and go untreated for some time.

Consequently, the ‘stress’ emotive element to a rejection or distancing from the medical profession when problems arise can be a main factor in the inability to conceive itself. Stress levels in both men and women can effective the reproductive organs and how well they flow and function.


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Research has shown, that over time an inability to conceive can affect a man’s self esteem and anxiety levels – leading to a deeper issue with regards to producing good quality sperm. There are many stigmas and physiological deflations surrounding whether a man can or cannot produce quality working sperm or to use common slang, if he is simply ‘shooting blanks’.

There has been strong research from an American university in 2008 that showed that men that had experienced more than two stressful life events had a significantly lower sperm count than men that had experienced one or perhaps even none in their lives to date.

Stress hibernates differently in the male species and shows an interference with hormones that can affect sperm production and development, making the journey to fertilization of the ovum a challenge. The emotional response to fertility issues have proven to highlight these challenges. There is a unnecessary stigma attached to the quality of sperm each male produces. A pressure in society which can unfortunately add to the detriment of the quality of sperm produced.

A clear answer is not available in relation to dealing with the damage from stress and fertility in men or women. There are many elements that can be addresses and there are studies show that eating a fiber rich diet through fruits, vegetables and nuts can lift emotions. Exercise can be extremely effective in awaking and calming the body and mind through positive activity.

Regardless of treatment or cognitive path taken, knowledge is power and to reduce stress and it’s habits is now a key factor in helping, locating and improving fertility issues in men not just women alone.

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