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Our website is specifically dedicated to people who want to have a child. The idea is simple; members have one objective, which is to find the right person. They know what they want; they just need to meet that perfect somebody. What if that person was you?

Today, more and more people have access to the internet for meeting people. But it’s not easy to bring up the topic of kids. Imagine, in a typical internet dating situation, that you brought up having children straight away (or even later). It wouldn’t be welcome in most cases.

So you should know that on our website, members are here in order to have children. A baby is an event of astronomical importance in the life of any adult. Yes, a child changes anybody’s life into perfect happiness, and so many people here think exactly the same way…

Try using a website for having children that is both serious, and that will save you time. Realising how fast our lives are changing can cause some of us to think this way. In light of this, websites for future parents are a different and accessible way of finding the ideal partner, and especially one who also shares the desire for a baby.



Using a Co-Parenting Dating Website?

Co-parenting dating websites are very similar to standard dating websites with the added twist that all people on the site should share the same desire to have a child. The majority of people’s profiles will provide detailed information about their background and how they hope to be involved with a potential child in the future.

To sign up for a co-parenting website you can simply register your details and ensure you include all your preferences and usually a photograph. Once you input your preferences the majority of sites will generate specialised lists of other profiles which ‘match’ yours as closely as possible. The men or women included in this list should be those who would fit best with your ideal co-parent image.

Once your signed up you may also receive messages from others when you have popped up in their matches list and it’s from here you can begin chatting and getting to know the people on the website and truly deciding if any of them could be the person you’re looking for.

Once you’ve found the special person then you can begin to safely organise meetings and discuss the longer term relationship and legalities that arise from agreeing to have a child together. It may sound quite clinical but the initial spark of interest should be there to ensure you and your chosen match can comfortably work together to bring up a child.


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  1. I’m looking for a woman to have a child for me. I’m 43 Caucasian male, I’m in a relationship but my partner feels like she doesn’t want to have a child at her age and I feel like I don’t have much time left try.

    1. Hi Craig, I am in a similar situation. Although I am the female. I wouldn’t want you involved in the child’s life though. Would that work for you?

  2. I’m an almost 32 year old single mother to a 7 and 5 year old, looking to find someone to have one last baby with before my other 2 get too grown up. Not too fussed if the man wants to be involved or not

    1. Hi Gemma, I would love to help. I’m 43 and in a relationship but my partner doesn’t want a child, I do.

    2. I would be interested and if your interested we can have more than one. I also would like to be involved with them and somewhat in your life so we can make it work as parents.

  3. I’m Carol 19 years old i have my own business. Living in Nigeria. I want to be a single mom so if any guy is interested let me know. Once i get pregnant we go our separate ways. Want to have a mixed child. Any Race.

  4. I would like an intelligent caring natured lady to have my child. We could share the upbringing or you could pass all responsibility onto me. I’m totally open to discussion. I’m a good looking retired businessman who would like to leave a legacy and financial stability for a Mother. Time is ruining out for me, so I would dearly love to hear from interested ladies who wish to act promptly without any concerns.

  5. nice to know women and men looking for a family me myself I Ama international performing artist a singer song writer musician I am a single dad looking for a woman who is serious and want to have a long term relationship am Black man who is living in Scarborough tort Canada if any woman any culture want a long term relationship feel free to contact me I make beautiful children I have 2 and they are living with me if you have children and looking for a father figure am here also feel free to contact me

  6. Looking for a man who would have a child with me

    I would prefer you to be involved with the baby however we do not need to have a relationship beyond friendship

    Im 20 years old black british looking for white british male

    1. I would be interested in giving you a child and interesting in building a relationship. I would want more than one child though. I’m also a white male

  7. I’m looking for someone to have a baby with as I’ve always wanted to have my own, you the guy does not have to be involved but if you do that’s fine we can discuss later on. I’m 22 from Scotland
    Thank you

    1. I want be interested in helping you with your dream and would be willing to give you more than one child

  8. My profile is a mess
    I’m searching for a sperm donor Co parent I am searching for handsome financialy stable * single male * 48-55 age * green eyes * leave me your chat website and chat name so we can chat *
    British isles man I have 78%British isles * dna in usa

  9. I need co parents to look at my profile it’s not allowing me to send mesags to co parent corporate office
    Co parent website will not allow me to edit my info *

  10. 43, alwasys wanted a baby, time has flown past and even more so now do I want.. own house, work hard ect.. doesn’t have to be any romantic or relationship involvement just equal rights and shared time with the baby 🙂

  11. I’m 42 and really wanting to meet the right person to form a family and have children. I dont have time to waste so I’m looking for a committed person, good hearted and with good intentions. Also a person who is responsible, hard working, educated and tidy. Looking forward to some replies.

    1. Hi Snita,
      I’m looking for a family too. I was married to someone who couldn’t have kids and now I’m single my heart is yearning to be a parent. I’ve fostered and also been a step parent and it’s always felt right to be a parent.
      I’m UK born, educated and successful. What region are you in?

  12. I’m a 18 year old looking to have a kid with sosmone under the age off 26 get back to me as soon as possible

  13. Looking to become the father of a child. I am 55yrs old and want to create a legacy as well as build a relationship with my child and the mother. I am a very responsible person.

  14. Im 42 with a 13 year old son. Looking for a man to be a father figure. I am open to another child if things go that way.

  15. I’m looking for a man prepared to have a baby with me. I’m 29 and don’t want to wast time I’m very understanding.

  16. Hi I am a 35 year old gay man looking to have a child I work hard and would make a really good dad. Just feel I’m getting on now and don’t want to waist anymore time

  17. I’m 28, female, caucasian, from South Wales and looking to have a baby before i run out of time. Im not sure if i can have Children naturally so may need to go down the IVF route.

  18. I am a good looking fun hard working businessman looking to start a family. I am fourty seven years old from the United States in the state of Pennsylvania.

  19. Hey.
    I’m 30 years old, looking for someone to impregnate me as soon as possible.
    the dad doesn’t need to be involved unless wanting to.
    desperate for a little girl. I have 3 boys aged 11 and 9. twins do run in my family.

    let me know xoxo

  20. Hi there my name is Kay and me and my partner are looking for a man to put semen in a pot as he can’t have children and it’s what we would both love

  21. I’m 38… I’ve never had the chance to have children but it’s all I want to be a father. Even if that means supporting and being there for the child only. I know there are women who don’t want a relationship and just to co parent and I’m very much up for that also. I’m 6’5…have a great job and would be a great dad

    1. Hello… I’ll try to search this site if it is real and i see this I read all here and then i thinking you want a baby right?? I can help you but i don’t know how you can message me if want

    2. Hello… I’ll try to search this site if it is real and i see this I read all here and then i thinking you want a baby right?? I can help you but i don’t know how you can message me if want

  22. Hi I’m 32 not sure how long I have left to have a baby, looking for someone to have a baby work me, do not want any support just want to be a single mum.

  23. Hi I am shaun I am 48 and would love to have a baby before I get to old lol I am gay I hope that don’t put you off so please say hi xx

  24. I make beautiful, intelligent, funny babies if you want a lovely child of your own,are white, then call round at 33 Westfield. Road, Witney(ground floor flat), or write to me my name is Kieran; on the understanding all I do is give you one. No strings attached.

  25. Hi, I’m a 22 year old woman. Looking for a man between 20-25 to have a baby with. Any race! Single mother really wanting another child. X

  26. Hello dearest ladies. If you would like to get pregnant I can give you what you need. I prefer natural methods of getting pregnant. Give me a message at snowek at stalowka dot com. I’m from Poland, 36 year old, but I really would like to help you. Take your chance to get the baby 😉 kissing Lukas.

  27. Based in Yorkshire /Derbyshire

    32 F
    Looking to have first time child with someone who also wants children for the first time with me only. Ideally we create the child in a loving way and agree on how we intend to parent .

    1. I want to start a family and have children too. Unfortunately my previous girlfriend didn’t want children. I would like to find a lady that wants to start a family as soon as possible. I don’t want to waste any more time and never be a dad or be old dad…

  28. Hi don’t really know where to start as first time I’ve done anything like this…. I’m in no means of looking for a relationship due to my last relationship being not what I expected but I’m looking for someone who is wanting a baby wether they want contact or not not sure if this is the right place… I’m 36 and already a mum to 3 and my youngest is 10 and think it’s time for little footsteps in the family

  29. I’m a 48 yr old still desperately wanting a child.
    The chance of this naturally happening is very slim, so looking for someone who also wants a child and to go down the egg donation route.
    I’m happy to provide pictures and do a video call to meet so you can see the kind of person I am.
    I’ve always been told I would make a great mother as I’m a bug personality with a huge heart.
    Not looking for time wasters please. This is genuine and you would literally make my world and life complete.
    Any questions please ask.

  30. Hi everyone

    Hope your having a great day and wishing you blessings. I’m a young 29 year old whose a creative , travelled around the world, passion for music and spreading love but one thing I’ve longed for is a child with someone who shared the same values and whatnot.

    Message me and wishing you a great week ahead

  31. my name is Dennis and I want to have kids I live in Danmark and I am 18 – 1 ya am 17 and I want kids my owns kids

  32. I would like to have a baby on my own. As I dont feel good enough for a partner and want someone that I can look after. Im 22 years old brunette green eyes short. I wouldnt mind a relationship but I sadly I feel below standards to have one.these are my Personality traits. Shy,open minded,kind,calm,artistic,patient

    1. Hi, are you still looking to have a kid i am aged 21 Jamaican man and would like to have a kid myself

  33. Hi there im 31 male UK looking to have a baby a baby girl would be nice but not fussed boy or girl id be happy with i also have verry high sperm count get pregnent almost right away and id woulf help support you and the baby if you had baby with me im more family man dont want to beat around the bush if intrested looking for white British perferly 25 age 5″5 hight message me if interested and take it from there and see where it leads who knows might turn into a relashionship or even a family

  34. Hi there,
    I’m a white french guy, 49, desperate to give my time and love to a first child and mother.
    Lets do this

    1. Hi Oli,

      I hope you are well,

      I am 41 single mum of 1 looking to have another child but not with the right person, are you still looking to meet someone

  35. I’m 20 years old and have been desperate to become a mum from a young age but I’m tired of waiting around for the right guy. I’ve got brown hair, blues eyes and I’m 5’6. It would be ideal to have the perfect family unit with marriage and everything but let’s be honest, I don’t think that’s likely to happen at all so I’ll settle for being a single mum if need be. Ideally the dad would be Caucasian, British, 5’11 and up?

  36. I am 25 years old, reside in the sunshine state and I want to be a mom. I’m looking for a man who’s open to starting a family together or even separate if you choose.

  37. hi am 42 looking to have a baby as my wife says she does not want any more I have 4 grown up children I miss having babies any age any race I take full responsibility as a dad

  38. I am looking to have kid/s with a Caucasian female. I am in my 40s and I am of African descent.
    Please any Caucasian female interested please get in touch.

  39. hi I am 23 want a baby not got a bf I did have bf but not together now but want someone to have a baby for me thanks

  40. I am a 30 year old curvy and currently plus-sized black woman that is educated and has a good job. I am bubbly, adventurous and love a laugh. I am a romantic and family focused but unfortunately I haven’t met anybody to settle with and have children with.
    Ideally I am looking for somebody aged 28 – 38 to fall in love with me and start a beautiful family…..
    But I’m clearly struggling to find that so somebody that would like to make a baby with me and be willing to co-parent (potentially a repeat request).

    Chow for now xxx

  41. Hi I am Wayne
    If I can help you have a baby I would love 2 help you i have 7 kids and I no how happy I am .and if you would like 2 do It alone is fine with me

  42. Hi I’m looking for a woman to have my baby before I transition to male to female. Iv always wanted to be a parent I’m kind caring and have a very motherly nature please get in touch if you would consider having my baby

  43. I am 30 and thinking I want to have a child with someone who also genuinely wants that too, I don’t want a chaotic life for the child so if I met someone I clicked with it would be much better! I am a writer and student in psychology, I enjoy cycling

  44. I don’t want children but would like to experience carrying a child for ppl let me know if anyone is interested ?❤️❤️❤️❤️

  45. Hi I am mom of one I had miscarriage and it’s hard for me to get over I want to give my son a sibling I am a good mother I’m from the UK looking for European or Italian man as my son is half Italian

  46. i want to be a father, willing to share that, didn’t think i’d be bothered but i am, mixed race, how do I go about it ?

    who do I contact

  47. Hi, I am 28 and married, have one son but been pregnant twice, my other kid was born with genetic illness and dya shortly after that. In the same time my husband decided to have vasectomy as influence with his parents. Now is 6 years since my daughter dya and I would like to have a baby!! I wont ask for anything and would prefer to keep it secret, in the end all I want to get pregnant and nothing else from you. Preferably looking for Indian man, as my husband is Indian.

  48. Hello

    I am a 29 year old male, caring, fit and healthy.
    I already have a young daughter that I look after full time but have enjoyed being a father so much I’m looking to have another child with someone.

    I am very mature for my age, I have a home, businesses and a lot of flexibility in my life which means co parenting would not be a problem with me what so ever.

    Many thanks for reading


  49. Hello, I’m now 30 and have 5 children looking to help someone have their own.

    Anyone interested, let me know.

  50. Hi I’m a Caucasian, Scandinavian, 29 years old 6″2 tall, green eyes, and a dad to 1 amazing boy, I would like to have more children so I’m looking for a Co parent, a relationship isn’t necessary as long as you are prepared to be the best team of parents possible.

  51. Hi ladies am a 31 year old white male from Liverpool looking to have my first child . I would like to coparent raise ups family our at least be in its life even if am not with the mum . Loyal and caring all ways be there

  52. Hi names Andrew am 31 from Liverpool Merseyside . Ready to have children coparent would like to be in its life even if am not with the mum I have no kids and I do work .

  53. Hi I’m 38 yo caucasion girl have a 3yr old daughter but really love another baby however have split from her dad and don’t have time to waste dating and trying to find someone within the next year. I’m a health professional attractive fun outgoing and preferably like a romantic relationship aswell as a dad. I’m between Cardiff & London.

  54. Hello

    I am a white English guy early 50s looking to have a child with any woman as soon as possible of any nationality in London or South East ideally. I live in Kensington ( West London) and am looking to have a first child as soon as possible. If interested please ending me. I would offer full parental support and money. Looking forward to hearing from someone as soon as possible. I am educated and Work in financial services. I am kind, honest and of average looks. Paul x

  55. Hi male 35, near London willing to give child to female. 6.2 blue eyes and slim built. Hold BA and Masters can provide pictures. Willing to help Adam

  56. Hi, am a descent handsome young man. Highly educated and am looking for someone to carry my child. I need some neat, descent and nice looking.

  57. Hi. I am 60 now but would love to help a lady to have a baby before I am too old. I would not want any involvement, just to keep in touch on the sidelines

  58. I’m looking to have a child – whether a relationship happens during or not the child would have two parents. Lots more to talk about. If you interested please email ***@hotmail.com.

    I live in Hampshire by the coast UK.

    I am 38 blue eyes, normal build. Pictures by exchange only then phone contact etc.

  59. Hi I’m david from England, I’m 31 but I’d be more then willing to be someone’s baby. Know how hard it must be for woman not to be able to have a child so willing to do this too help. Thanks

  60. Anyone in the US? I’m in the Seattle area. I’m a 32 y/o female and desperately want a baby as my son is getting older.

  61. I Am a young women who is missing something in my life and it’s a child I am looking for someone to get me pregnant don’t want a relationship just want my own child if you can help it would be amazing and get in contact with me please xx

    1. HI I’m a thirty year old Irish male looking to become a father. Maybe we could share some details see if we hit things off !?

  62. Hi,I am a femal 41,looking for a gentleman who would love to have happy family life,with babies:-) if somebody wants just coparenting (just baby)it’s still okay.I really want to be a mum.I am very caring and would make great mum:-)(as well as partner or wife).

  63. 34 yr old female, mum of two. Would really like to find the right person to have a child with. South West (Hants/Wiltshire). Happy to go it alone but would be nice to share the adventure with the right partner. 5 ft10, Caucasian, Blue Eyes.

    1. Hi I’m Looking for the same thing I’m literally one inch taller than you. blue eyes Irish. I think, If you’d like we should chat maybe ?

  64. Hi im a male 42 years of age look for a serious relationship in which I want to have kids I’m of greek back ground from Cyprus but born here look for a lady to have children with

  65. Looking to meet a nice lady to settle down with and start a family asap. OH AHAC. I,m a kind and caring gentleman.

  66. I’m 36 and am really wanting to meet someone to have a baby with . I would really rather this end up it being a potential family relationship rather than just co parenting

  67. Hi I’m 34 and looking for a lady who lives in the southwest (Bristol/bath would be perfect) to start a family with I want to start to have a family very soon. Im in stable financial position, have a successful job and love life. It would be great to hear from you xx

  68. 18 year old mixrace female from London looking for someone/partner to have a baby with me. Please email or get in touch x

  69. If these kind of things are important to you : I’m Caucasian, 5’7″ , brunette, blue/green eyes, all my own teeth (and no fillings! ), good nails, recently flead . .. That last one’s not true obviously! But I definitely don’t have nits.

    1. Dear Beccy,
      What you wrote struck a note with me, only I left it a bit longer. I have always put family first, willingly , but have only just started thinking about what I want.
      I like the sound of your sense of adventure, and humour, and would like to get to know you better !
      Best Wishes, Mark.

    2. Hey Beccy…appreciate your message was posted in April and now it is August. But if you are still looking, I am 5’7″ East African by origin and 40. Well travelled who postponed parenting / children too long that now that I feel I am running out of time. If we hit it off – happy to coparent and settle, if not happy to share bringing up a child but will give your space.

  70. Hello. 37yo woman looking for someone to share life with. Donors can be found easily, but I’d like a partner.
    Interesting people make most of their adult years and often leave family things too late, at least that’s my excuse and hopefully yours too!
    Looking for someone with creativity, humour and a taste for adventure.

  71. Hi there. Am African aged 25. I have always wanted to have a mixed child and so am looking for my mr right to have a family with.

  72. Hi, I’m 26 Attractive, intelegent, balanced and happy but really ready to have a baby. had hoped to meet someone and it would have happened but it hasn’t. So thinking practically if there’s any guys in same predicament hopefully you’ll come across this no expectstions or complications just looking primarily for a good father for my child/children.

    1. Hello Tamzin I have wanted to be a father for some time now and im at a good point in my life to do so. I hope to hear from you.

  73. I’m 35 in Lancaster can travel and been told by the doctor I’ve got a high sperm count any age I’m willing to help I’ve got a daughter already thankyou x

  74. 31 female, Westyorkshire area, looking to have a child with the right person. Would want a relationship with this person to bring up the child.x

  75. Hi Gabriel
    Would be interested to discuss further – 30’s Oxford grad, Caucasian, blue eyes auburn hair, successful career but would like to have a baby.

  76. 40ish, 6 foot, slim, handsome, white guy. Privately-educated, graduate of Cambridge University, post-graduate qualified, WLTM attractive white or Asian woman to have a baby. Open to any parenting options, but I would like a role if possible; I have resources and valuable skills to contribute.

  77. Hi. 46 year old, 6 foot, handsome, white male. Privately-educated and Cambridge University graduate. Looking for attractive female to have a baby the natural way. Open to various parenting possibilities, probably involving a role for myself in child-raising.

  78. I am 37 have a wonderful daughter (13yrs) and would really like to meet a partner who wants to have a loving relationship and who also would love to have children. I bought my daughter up alone and always felt that it would have been wonderful to have been able to share that experience with a man who could enjoy all the special moments together. I am v close to my family and would like a man who is also family orientated

    1. Hi Destiny

      I would love to help you have some children so please get back to me if you like x

  79. Hi james here want to have a baby get in contact 37yrs old from ireland live in england cheshire also looking to meet girl of my dreams

    1. Hi James,
      Im looking for the man of my dreams to have a baby with. Im in DC, USA. Contact me to chat on this.

  80. Hey 26 yr old man here. You still looking to have a baby? It’d be nice to know I left something behind the next time I end up in hospital!

  81. Hi I would really like to have a baby as soon as possible…Anyone with the same outlook I would like to her from. I live in Cheshire.

  82. I’m 22 I work full time I’m mixed raced looking to start a family with someone who wants to be a parent as much as me looking for a white male early 20s to late 30s get in contact I your interested

  83. I’m a 45 guy living on his pretty comfortable with life , always wanted to be involved with parenthood and seems to be passing me by , edinburgh , open to options.. .

    1. Hello there, I am a female 33 years old. I am looking for someone to have kids with, no child maintenance is required from you, you may choose to be presence in the child’s life or not. There will be no bad mouthing of each other to the child. No drama. The child has to bear your surname, only because I would like for the child to know the name and origin of the biological father. I strictly preferred the transaction of becoming pregnant through fertility hospital, with all expenses paid by me. Thank you and I hope to fear from someone

  84. Hello Sally
    I am unsure what to say except that we seem to want the same thing.
    Can we talk about it?
    Best wishes from Ivan.

  85. Hi I’m a 40 year old female, really would like to find someone. To have a family with before it’s too late. I’m from Cheshire.

  86. I am 43 yr old divorced single dad. I have 2 sons but I always wanted more kids. I just cant find anyone who wants to have a child with me, and I am getting older and the desire to be a dad again just wont go away. someone please help ! I am respectable,honest,loyal, healthy and proven to be a good dad as I brought up my 2 by myself. thankyou

  87. Hi,
    I’m a 21 years old woman looking for someone to either coparent or not be involved with the baby. I live in London and run an art gallery. Having a baby is the most important thing to me but I can’t seem to find a guy who’s on the same page with this. If anyone is interested please let me know.

    1. Hey Susannah,
      My name is Ik and i looking to have a kid as well, i’m also looking to co parent. i’m really interested lets talk.

  88. I am a looking for a woman to have a baby with me either co-parenting or where I will solely be responsible for the baby’s upbringing. Please get in contact if you think you can help