Cost of raising a child

The cost of raising a child in 2014 reach disgraceful highs.

Having a child is no longer or rarely a spontaneous life event for anybody, it seems. In today’s society, bringing a child into our world means making sure you earn enough money to support it in an, ever growing sponge of expenses.

Dig into those pockets and have a read of the new evidence that has come to light on raising a child in 2014. It is now thought to be a whopping £227,266 to raise a child (according to the Centre of Economic and business research(CEBR).

With everything that raising a child entails, each mother is now expected to earn more than £26,000 a year to make it financially worth her returning to work and paying childcare costs. The amount of women that earn over this amount in the UK alone is not enough, not enough to sustain bringing more children into our world.

Parents are struggling or even considering the path that they would naturally choose, ultimately bringing it down to cost and how much they or their own child/children would have to sacrifice in order to create a life.


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Education and childcare costs are rife. Making what should be a happy a life changing decision, is saddened with the calculation of how much enjoyment or frustration could come from such a costly necessity.

The only way around having the pay for these things and only supplying the basics ( food, water, clothing etc) would be to make those all important choices for your child and decline or deprive them of having the education and amenities that they or you would naturally choose.

University costs have historically been a topic of conversation in families, however never more so than now, with the expectation of education to succeed in careers among your peers – a university education has never been more important, nor expensive.

It has been reported that parents are having to spend an average of £73,803 on education. That’s a deflating 28% of any household income on just one child. This devastating news can really affect people hoping to have more than one child.

The shocking truth is that it is education costs that have increased the most since 2003, with university fees driving the total up by more than 123%.

However what value does having a child bring to someone’s life? isn’t that what life is all about? don’t we work, sweat and grind for the little things and pay for the big every day anyway?

Life is a struggle, but life is more so an adventure. Times are forever changing and who knows which direction they may turn this year or this century in fact.

The beautiful facts of life are as clear as the coins in our pockets. We evolve regardless of cost, we find a way, don’t we?

Will economical obstacles, fertility or judgments stand in our way? will financial pressures eventually win the wrestle? In every hope, we move forward as a society to embrace reproduction in it’s scariest form. The human race is not about to surrender to extinction – just yet.

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