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At CoParents we specialise in bringing together couples and individuals from all over the world together, turning the dream of parenthood into a reality.

Who Are We?

Since 2008, we have worked extremely hard to deliver a swift, simple and effective service to anyone who wishes to have children of their own, but are unable to do so naturally.

Today our service now boasts over 100,000 active users worldwide!

The CoParents site was initially set up to assist our founder and webmaster – Franz SOF. After 18 months of searching, Franz used the site to build relationships with a number of people before finding the perfect match. He now has two healthy, happy children and strives to help others find the same happiness.

We Understand Your Needs

Whatever your situation, whether you’ve had issues with fertility, you’re in a homosexual relationship or wish to raise a child independently – we’re here to help!

At CoParents, we have lent a hand in many people’s dreams to become parents. We have done this by establishing mutual relationships for those looking to start a family utilising the following methods:
• Co-parenting
• Surrogacy
• Sperm donation

Considering any of these options? Take a look at our in-depth guides to get you started.

Our Service

CoParents is a networking site that allows anyone and everyone who is interested in alternative conception techniques to connect with donors, surrogates or recipients.

Upon registration, members are able to create a unique user profile, post ads, contact other users and ask questions in the Forums.

Before embarking on your path to parenthood as an aspiring parent, donor or surrogate we advise all members to carefully read through our selection of guides and understand the potential health and legal implications associated with private insemination.

Our Rules

Our service does not accommodate the transaction of sperm.

Communication will be monitored to ensure the safety and security of our members. Any explicit content or threatening behaviour will result in your account being deleted.

If you have any questions, thoughts or comments, we’d love to hear them! Get in touch today.
We wish you all the best in your search!The CoParents team


Sperm donor & Co-Parenting Laws:

United Kingdom


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Relationships between donors and parents to be


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