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Deciding whether it’s time to have a child is never an easy choice to make.Raising a child is a lot of responsibility, and you will need to commit to their upbringing both with your time, but also through financial commitment. If you know that you are ready, we can help you out, no matter what your situation is.

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Sperm Donation

If you are a single mother, a lesbian woman or in a heterosexual relationship where your partner is infertile, a sperm donor can help you to create that family you’ve been longing for.

If you would like to use an anonymous donor, this is entirely at your discretion. The law now states that a conceived child has the right to find out who their biological father is when they come of age, so you may wish to stay in regular contact with the donor over the years.

If you decide to choose a sperm donor through a fertility clinic you might be interested to know that, since 2005, children conceived by a sperm donor have the right to receive non-identifying information (ethnicity, physical appearance, medical history, etc.) about their donor at the age of 16, as well as information about the donor-conceived siblings that they might have. When they reach the age of 18, they’ll have access to identifying information such as the donor’s name, date of birth and last address given.

Selecting a non-anonymous sperm donor can be a good solution as this gives you the opportunity to get to know the donor’s personality and, if this is what you want, to decide to co-parent with him. Make sure that your donor has been through all of the required health screening tests, such as those for genetic disorders, infectious diseases and sexually transmitted diseases. The donor’s sperm count and quality should also be tested.

During your search for a sperm donor, you might consider certain characteristics such as medical history, ethnicity, physical appearance, blood type, lifestyle or interests. Our regularly updated database of over 8500 sperm donors lets you search for someone by age and country. Find out more about sperm donation.

Once you’ve selected your sperm donor, whether this is a known or an anonymous donor, you’ll have the choice between self-insemination performed at home with a kit or artificial insemination by medical professionals in a licensed fertility clinic.

If You Do Have Fertility Problems

There is no proof to support that there is a ‘right’ time to interrupt your career in order to have a child. There is a plethora of medical research that suggests the quality of a woman’s eggs will plummet after the age of 35.

Apart from the decline of eggs due to age, fertility problems can concern either the man or the woman. For the male partner, potential fertility issues include low quality of sperm and a low sperm count. As for the woman, fertility issues can result from endometriosis, ovulation problems, polycystic ovarian syndrome, etc.

If, after a year of trying to conceive without any success (6 months if you are over 35), or if you’re experiencing miscarriages or unsuccessful conception, it’s recommended that you pay a visit to your doctor to receive counselling and any necessary treatments.

Depending on the fertility problems that either the man or the woman might be experiencing, they may be offered several kinds of treatment. The most common solutions to treat fertility problems include: fertility drugs; artificial insemination (intra-uterine insemination); in vitro fertilisation with your own eggs; IVF egg donation or donated embryos; or surgery.


If getting pregnant is impossible for you because you are experiencing fertility problems or you are a gay couple, you might consider choosing a surrogate mother, another woman who would carry and give birth to your baby for you.

Depending on the situation and the will of the intended parents, surrogacy can either be performed in the “traditional” way, involving artificial insemination with the sperm of the father, or via gestational surrogacy, wherein the intended mother’s egg is fertilized by the sperm of the father via IVF. The result, called the embryo, is then inseminated into the surrogate mother’s uterus. Same-sex couples or couples with fertility problems can use donated sperm and eggs.

In the UK, the law states that the woman who gives birth is automatically the mother of the child. If you choose surrogacy as a solution to have a child, you can become the legal parents by adoption or by applying for parental order. It will be your choice to decide whether you want your child to have a relationship with his or her surrogate mother. Find out more about the legal aspects of surrogacy and surrogate mothers.

Lone Parenting

You do not have to be in a relationship to have a child.

Whilst there are barriers to adopting as a lone parent and certain legalities around using a sperm donor, there has still been an increase in independent women who want to have a child despite their marital status.

Several solutions are available to single women, such as artificial insemination with the sperm of a known or an anonymous donor (also called intrauterine insemination), or, should the previous treatment fail, in vitro fertilisation with your own eggs and donated sperm or with donated eggs or embryos.

CoParents lets you connect with a quality sperm donor to decide for yourself if you would like them to be involved in the child’s life.


If you are a single mother looking to find someone to help you raise a child, or you are in a homosexual relationship and are considering keeping the sperm donor or surrogate in your life, then co-parenting is an option well worth considering.

Registering the name of the donor or the surrogate mother on the birth certificate could, for instance, permit them to be considered as the legal father or mother of the child. Co-parenting involves sharing equal responsibilities, such as financial duties and custody. Both parties can also make important decisions regarding the child’s welfare or education. View our co-parenting guide for the options available to you and the laws involved.

Wherever you sit, we provide a service for anyone who wants a child but is unable to have one in the traditional way.



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