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I have found a donor and I’m 38 weeks pregnant
United Kingdom

Hi Just wanted

to thank you we have found our donor and we hope we are successful.
Kind regards

Beth x
Denbigh, United Kingdom

Hi. I have already found a donor,

thank you so much for having this site and all your services and help people like me.

Thank you so much to this site!

I’m now five weeks pregnant and excited to start the next chapter of my life. Simone


Thank you so much!

we found a super nice donor we are working with. If it doesn't happen I will sign up again. Thanks again! Jen


Thank you

I found a donner are we are happily 8 weeks pregnant. Pauline


Thank you so much.

You guys are awesome and I will be recommending you to my friends! Akarina


This website has been brilliant

and gave me and my fiancee exactly what we were looking for. Ruth


I have found a suitable donor.

Thank you so much for your kind help. This is the best site ever for a quick and an effective response. Mary


Hi we now have a beautiful baby boy

after using this site. Thank you so much for helping make our dream a reality. Jo


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