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    My names David, I have just turned 24 and I have been thinking about donating sperm for a long time.

    For a start I wouldn’t want any money, I’m about 6’3, blue eyes, white, brown hair, university graduate (London south bank), slightly overweight, British, physically strong and genetically there are no continental conditions I’m aware of in my family history. My dads side of the family were Londoners that moved out years ago, and my mums family lived in Guildford for at-least 5 generations. My family are generally long living on both sides living well into their 90’s (and counting), and some even lived past 100.

    I know that genetics affect personality so the males in my family have always been quite fun loving, shy, intelligent, honest, brave and extremely dedicated and loving. My grandfather fought in WW2 and ran his own business for years. On my mums side of the family the females have been quite passionate, adventurous, they follow their dreams and are very brave. my mothers extremely smart, having taken a PHD, and lives a life she loves in Spain. My father raised I and my sister from the age of 12, he’s a driver but has the soul of an artist. I should add that I may or may not have mild Asperger’s syndrome, it is best described as: ‘lacking some non-verbal communication skills, demonstrated limited empathy with their peers, and a physical clumsiness in young children.’ -Wikipedia. If I do have Asperger syndrome its unlikely it would be passed on.

    I have always liked kids and would love to be a father some day. Really I’m open to being as involved or not as you want depending on circumstances, as long as the resulting child was happy, well loved and looked after. If you did want a sperm donor then I would be delighted if you chose me.



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