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  • NI donor in Nottinghamshire no contact after conception

    Posted by ___deleted-user on 18 June 2023 at 10:59

    Donor only, no contact after conception.

    40 year old White British, Hi IQ (147 Mensa tested) donor with Viking ancestry, Blue Eyes, Dark hair, tall (6’2″) and powerfully built. Currently working as an Engineer.

    No hereditary illnesses, non-smoker, but currently overweight due to a rugby injury last year that left me less active than i’m used to. Back in the Gym now though 🙂

    Offering NI only, i’m not comfortable with someone wandering off with a tube of my DNA to put who knows where.

    Can travel within reason within the East Midlands, repeated donations can also be done, i’m open to meeting outdoors if you need discrection / secrecy. Discretion for myself is a must as my partner is unaware. If you would like to travel to me from further afield to meet away from my home then this is possible.

    Meetings can be purely mechanical and over in a few minutes. I can bring myself to near completion and only insert for delivery, or if there is mutual attraction i’m open to enjoying the encounter and for somewhat longer. I’m not in this for the thrill, just whatever you are comfortable with.

    I have no regard for your appearance and can perform with/for anyone but good personal hygiene is a must.

    How the encounter pans out is completely and utterly at your discretion. I won’t ever ask anything of you. My only hard limits are as set out above. No AI and wandering off with my sample, and good personal hygiene.

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