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    Posted by ___deleted-user on 14 September 2009 at 11:41

    well abit about me is im a young happy healthy single girl with secure job and own home desperately seeking child unfortunately after my relationship of 2 years broke down i have been single and am not wanting to wait any longer for a child. i am seeking a co parenting partner to share the joy of parenthood with myself financial involvment would need to be discussed, if u think you could give me the gift of life and make me the happiest woman alive please reply xxxx hope to hear from you soon xxx pls note white males olny

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    22 May 2012 at 23:42

    I am a 41 year old white male, 6’5″, lt. brown hair, cut short, blue eyes, good looking, single, never been married, and I want a child of my own if I never meet a woman to marry. I can give you a second child or more if you want some too; I would prefer to raise my own son, as most men want a son but would love to have a daughter as well; many men just want to teach their own son to be a man and do guy things with throughout life and carry on the line, etc. I am not asking a potential mother to be out of the child’s life, but if you don’t want to be involved, you don’t have to be. I have a large and supportive family who would help to love and raise the child. I am well-educated with a degree in psychology and almost another degree in computer science. I was so focused on school and work in earlier years that I didn’t date as much as I probably should have, or those that I dated weren’t ones I would want to be with long-term. So I never took the marriage plunge and I was always careful not to get someone pregnant if I didn’t want to be with them or couldn’t afford a child at the time. I want to have a child before I get too old. I live in the south, in Alabama, but am planning to soon move to Orlando, FL, for work at a drug rehab or perhaps even Walt Disney World. I am not wealthy but can take care of myself well and am financially stable. I wouldn’t mind finding someone who is looking for a friendship/partner even if they don’t want a marriage or LTR to have kids together and raise them together; we could live together or nearby each other and both be in the child/children’s lives. Let me know if this is something you are interested in. I am more into white, hispanic/latino native american, or pacific islander women; I am not interested in black or asian women; not that I’m racist, they just don’t turn me on. I would rather a natural pregnancy but will consider artificial insemination.

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