Gay guy but wants to be an active father

by Pete251 » 01 Jan 2013

I am a shy gay chap with aspergers. I really really want kids. I am blonde, blue eyed, 6 ft 2, I don't drink, don't smoke, (anti drugs and all that rubbish) I have a good sense of humour, love music, seek someone to have children with and share that responsibility as good friends, and would be a good dad.

by GaoMei » 17 Jan 2013

I may be interested - should physical distance not be an issue for you. Do check my profile, and let me know.

by Eve3 » 18 Jan 2013

:geek: Hi Iam seeking somone who wants to co-parent Iam Scottish Lesbian and live in Scotland and England.
Email me to see if we can work together;perhaps meet up.

by hoping » 22 Jan 2013


Would you like to talk? Maybe we could help each other out.

Send us a private mssge and include ur email address plz.


by hoping » 22 Jan 2013


would you like to chat?

Please send us a private messege with your email address.


by hoping » 24 Jan 2013

Hi, would you like to chat?

Private messege me please.

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