Tips for Making Home Insemination More Comfortable

So you’ve found the perfect sperm donor and you’re about to perform the artificial insemination yourself, in the comfort of your own home. However, although you’ve read lots of documentation concerning how to perform the insemination yourself, the success rates, how to track your ovulation, etc., you’re still a bit nervous about the whole procedure.

Relax. If you have decided to perform an at-home insemination, it’s probably partly because you feel that you will be more at ease at home than in a licensed fertility clinic. Being at your own place allows you the chance to create a more personal and intimate environment and to minimise stress. Here are our top tips to make this moment a little less daunting and a more pleasant experience in general.


Worried infertile Indian girl holding pregnancy test

Inform yourself

Knowing exactly what to do will help you to feel less stressed about the procedure itself. Additionally, gathering information about at-home insemination and how to perform it (whether from blogs, YouTube or sperm bank websites) will allow you to feel more in control of the situation.

Get the right equipment

You can find all sorts of at-home insemination kits online, from many different websites. What kit to purchase will depend on your needs and the method of insemination. Examples of items contained in a kit include needle-less syringes, a cervical cap, containers to collect the donated sperm, a fertility chart, pregnancy tests, insemination tips, a thermometer, etc. You’ll feel more relaxed knowing that you have the correct equipment to successfully get pregnant with donor sperm.

Create a comfy atmosphere

It’s common to perform at-home insemination in the bedroom, but you can do it in any room as long as you feel comfortable. It could be the bedroom, the living-room or anywhere else you feel at ease.

Before the insemination, you can try to create a relaxing atmosphere. Light some candles or incense, play songs that make you feel good and add pillows to your bed or sofa for more comfort. Some women find sexual stimulation helpful. Anything that can help you to feel more relaxed. It’s entirely personal and completely up to you!

Try relaxation techniques

Many women feel nervous before the insemination. If you’ve got butterflies in your stomach, you can try some exercises to relax. Yoga, meditation and breathing exercises can be a great way to help control your emotions and relieve stress.

You could, for instance, try the 4-7-8 breathing exercise, which is really simple and can be done anywhere. Sitting or lying down on your bed/sofa, take a deep breath from your belly and count to 4. Hold your breath and count to 7. Then exhale slowly to a count of 8. Repeat this exercise 3-7 times until you feel relaxed.

Don’t do this alone

You’re single or you’re in a relationship but your partner can’t be present? Get your best friend or your sister to be there with you. They don’t necessarily have to sit next to you while you perform the insemination (once again, this is totally up to you), but it might help to have them waiting for you in your living-room/kitchen/garden. You’ll feel more reassured knowing that you have someone with you during this special day, before and after the insemination. It’s important to have support and someone to talk to.

Once you’ve performed the insemination, why not take some time for yourself? Performing an at-home insemination can be emotionally tiring, so now you deserve to treat yourself! Whether you feel like staying at home and watching your favourite series or having a nice dinner out with your friends, enjoy yourself!

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