Our real free sperm donor and coparents stories in UK and Ireland

Hi, I believe that I have found

what I was looking for thanks to your website ???
It has been very easy and user friendly navigating through the website.
Thank you for that wonderful opportunity and for the great experience ???
United Kingdom


I have found a donor and I’m 38 weeks pregnant
United Kingdom

Hi Just wanted

to thank you we have found our donor and we hope we are successful.
Kind regardsBeth x
Denbigh, United Kingdom

Hi. I have already found a donor,

thank you so much for having this site and all your services and help people like me.

Thank you so much to this site!

I’m now five weeks pregnant and excited to start the next chapter of my life. Simone

Thank you so much!

we found a super nice donor we are working with. If it doesn’t happen I will sign up again. Thanks again! Jen

Thank you

I found a donner are we are happily 8 weeks pregnant. Pauline

Thank you so much.

You guys are awesome and I will be recommending you to my friends! Akarina

This website has been brilliant

and gave me and my fiancee exactly what we were looking for. Ruth

I have found a suitable donor.

Thank you so much for your kind help. This is the best site ever for a quick and an effective response. Mary

Hi we now have a beautiful baby boy

after using this site. Thank you so much for helping make our dream a reality. Jo

Good morning, Fantastic site,

we are leaving only because we have found a donor. If we need to return, we will subscribe again right away. Thank you. Michaela

We have found

a very kind gentleman who is perfect for us and we are very grateful we found the website and found our match so quickly. Thankyou again x Kimberly

I have found a lovely guy

who is close by me and is donating his sperm.. thank you very much for all the help I will be recommending your website at every chance I get.. Many thanks Emma

We’ve found a suitable donor.

United Kingdom Hannah

We found a donor

on your website and we are really happy about that. thanks again Aurélie & Johanne UK

I’m happy

to have helped so many grateful couples. I wish everyone the best of luck. Rob United Kingdom

Dear co parents team.

I have found my donor and we have done our 1st attempt. He is all I dreamed of & more!! he’s kind with a sense of humour, welcoming and accomating I have a friend for life here I love him to bits, and we are both now anxious and excited for the next few weeks. Many thanks Natalie UK

CoParents is a brilliant website

and I am grateful for having had the opportunity to help some women/couples start families of their own. Keep up the amazing work! Jonny United Kingdom

I have now found a donor

who is willing to help us,thank you for your services. Lindsay United Kingdom

I have found a good match.

thanks for the service. H United Kingdom

CoParents is a brilliant website

and I am grateful for having had the opportunity to help some women/couples start families of their own. Keep up the amazing work! Jonny United Kingdom

Hi, I have found someone through Coparents.co.uk.

Thanks for this great service, not everyone will be successful but it gives people hope, which is always good. Thanks & regards,Shaun United Kingdom

thank you so much.

I found a man who will travel and get me pregnant. THANK you 🙂 Kyriaki

Hi , I’m glad

to say I have found my perfect co-parent from your site. Thanks Cindy

Thank you so much,

I’ve found my donor and we start trying next week! Victoria

My beautiful baby girl is 5 months old

today conceived with a donor on this site. The father visits his daughter every 3-4 weeks due to the distance. He is now due to marry but we have established a solid friendship and also myself with his wife to be. I cant thank this site enough and hopefully will be able to find someone for a sibling in due course. Claire

This site has been brilliant

and I have now found my donor. Thank you for making it possible to find the right person. Cheers. Michelle, United Kingdom

Through your site I met a wonderful donor

and I am now pregnant. I am very happy and would like to thank you. Nibel

I like the site

and believe that I have found success. I am looking to have a child. Ray

I just wanted to thank you for setting up this web

Thanks to you, I met a lovely donor, resulting in my beautiful daughter being born 01/01/2015. She is perfect in every way. Her dad is very much part of our lives and we couldn’t be happier. We are even talking about a sibling in the future. Thank you again Ellie

Dear co parenting website,

I am happy to say that I am 3 months pregnant after meeting someone on your helpful site, best wishes, Kara. United Kingdom

I am now pregnant

thanks to finding the perfect donor off this site. Thank you so much. Kind regards, Alison. United Kingdon

We have found a donor

thank you for all your messages and support, if this doesn’t work out we will get back to those interested . Thank you also to the admin of this site. AL0013 Auckland, New Zealand

It’s been great to use you site.

I meet a donor from your site nearly a year ago and gave birth to a beautiful baby boy on the 13th June 2014. He is my world!! A big thanks to you and all the donors who help people. Toni UK

Dear team,

It has been a privilege to use your site. With many thanks for the many lives you are connecting. Best. Max UK

Thanks to your amazing site,

I have found a brilliant donor. Thank you so much! Laura : )

I found the most wonderful donor

on this site! He is smart, handsome, kind, and simply amazing! You are more than welcome to add my statement to the success stories. Thank you, Jessica

Alex1 and I are 8 months pregnant

and we are grateful to your site for helping us find one another. Keep up the good work. Very best regards, Angela (UKValentine)

Thanks, we ve found what we are looking for.

Your site got recommended to us by our friends who also had success with you, and so pleased weve had the same, it would have been so much harder if your website didnt exist!! Charlie & Sophie

Thank you for this wonderful site,

and long may it continue; we found our happiness here. Best Regards, Anne-Sophie

I have found a great donor

who is going to help me conceive! Thank you for this wonderful site! Laura

I’ve found a sperm Donner.

Thank u so much for helping me and my wife finding a daddy for our child… Kind regards Sonia

We have found our donor.

Thank you for creating a wonderful website. Tamara

After alot of searching

we have successfully found a donor on your site and we are delighted. Many thanks. Nina

I pleased to say that

we have had great success, and have found our donor. Thank you!!! 🙂 Martha0

I have found my co parent match

and am now pregnant, due in May. Thank you for your help. Verity

Just want to say a huge thanks to your site,

my partner and I are currently pregnant with twins due in November. We could not be happier. Jess

I have found my donor.

thank u for a great site louise United Kingdom

Thank you very much.

I have help 3 families and do not wish to continue as a donor, It has been a wonderful experience. thanks you sincerely, Harold Australia

Coparents as I have found a perfect match

and will no longer be on or needing this site. I must say this is a great site and I would rate it as excellent five stars all the best Cheers Aaron, Ireland

I have been successful and met a suitable

co-parent on your site. I am now 8 months’ pregnant and expecting my first baby in August. Fiona

Your service has been amazing

and we are both really chuffed that we found you. Your prices was amazing but also the quality of the site and we now have the right person to donate so we are just waiting now. I will recommend your site to anyone that is looking for sperm donation. Much appreciated Paige

Thank you for your great service,

I have met some wonderful people on here. Matty Australia

Just want to thank co parent for this wonderful

site as my partner and I have finally succeeded in falling pregnant, we are absolutely over the moon thanks to co parent. thank you soooooo much Leanne and jewelz. Australia

We have found our match

and hopefully have success! Thank you! Janine

Greetings Co Parents.net

I want to thank you for the opportunity that you have given me and many other people in this site to connect with others in regards to having children. I am very happy to announce that I have already found a suitable donor. Thank you for your help Sincerely, Bianca

Having found a wonderful sperm donor

on your site and now being 6 months pregnant. Kind Regards Amy

I have found a sperm donor

from this great site. Thank you very much. Toni

I have been successful

in finding a sperm donor. Thank you. Kathryn

I found a donor and am currently pregnant.

Co-parent was a wonderful experience and made my dream of parenting come true. Thanks. Katie

Thank you very much

for creating a site such as this, I have found my co-parent partner, and we are expecting our first child in October 2013! thank you very much. Samantha

Thank you very much.

Im very happy with the service in general and all the possibilities it offers. Hopefully i have found a donor-coparent:-) Best regards, Earths

We have found your site very sucessfull.

We will however make sure to pass on your brilliant site to others in need. Many thanks. Leanne

Thanks. The site was really good

though because there were genuine people looking at making co-parenting a reality! Regards, Alex

Just a quick email to say thank you.

I registered on your website only a few weeks back and within a week I had met someone as a donor and within 2 weeks we did the insemination process artificially and now 2 weeks later I have found out I am pregnant. Great website. thank you. Kay

Thankyou so much for your website,

its been a great help, i have found a sperm donor, thankyou. krystal

Thankyou to your site

i have found a very nice donor and i would reccomend this to anyone. Myself and the donor tried once already through a.i but i didnt fall pregnant so we are trying again next month and hopefully fingers crossed!! Thanks again Sarah

I have found a wonderful sperm donor

from your site and we are currently working on getting a baby. Thank you so much for creating this site so that women like me can have a chance to be a mom. Thanks again. Arika

I have been succesful

in my search for a donor which has resulted in my being pregnant. Thank you so much for your amazing site, and allowing me to fullfill my dreams. Steph.

We have a donor

who is everything we were looking for, and more. He’s wonderful. We are monitoring cycles at the moment and starting in November. Thanks for all your help. Regards, Shanel .

Thanks to your wonderful site,

I have found the right donor I have been looking for. Thank you a lot! Eva

I have found a sperm donor

through your site (thank you very much). Thank you! Bec

We’ve found a donor…

Thank you. coskd

I am now pregnant

by a wonderful donor. Thank you. Nikki

I have successfully

helped 2 people achieve thier lifes long ambition regarding falling pregnant. And just to take the time to say thankyou again. Kind Regards. Stephen

Thank you Co-Parents.Net

I have found a lovely donor 🙂 Kryst8

I have only been a member

on your site for about 3 days and have found a sperm donor. Thank You so much 🙂 Kryst8

Hi I’ve found my sperm donor

on your website and managed to get pregnant on my first try. Username Jellyb9 Thank you so much!! 🙂


Thankyou very much for your site as it enabled me to find a donor and make my dream of another baby a reality! Kindest Regards, Monica

I have found my perfect donor

through your site, thank you so much ! Kind regards Angela90

I have found a sperm donor

you have a great website its amazing thank you. Tina28

I am 9 weeks pregant

from some1 I found though this site so thank you. Username: lauramarie

I allowed several Artificial insemination

to good people, and I’m happy. Wishing you a good continuation. Your service is really great! Nickname: Choupin

Many thanks for the use of your website.

I have been united with a wonderful recipient with the intention of co-parenting with. Please wish us luck, I’m very happy to write a recommendation once again many thanks. Username: ejones6

We have successfully found

our match. Thank you so much! Username : Ali273

I found a wonderful sperm donor

through your site (we now have 6 embryos frozen for future use). Thankyou for your great site! username: Alli77

Would like to say a massive thankyou

for your site, words are not enough. I have now found the perfect sperm donor I was looking for. Many thanks, Baby87

I have had success

and am now pregnant with my sperm donor. Thank you to your site for making my pregnancy possible. Username: Andamooka

a big thank you for your site,

I am registered under the login shadow85, and thanks to co-parent, I found a man with whom to have a child; I thank you sincerely for having created such a beautiful site.

Thank you for your website,

I found my Sperm Donor. Username: Janina12

I found the perfect sperm donor!

I am happy to inform you I have found my sperm donor. And satisfactorily awaiting for conceptions news. Personally thanking coparents for the service. Username : bibibibi

We found a couple…

of dads and now I’m pregnant for one month. Thank you for your site. Username: Virange

I finally found my sperm donor

and I am currently pregnant thank you for everything, your site is really great and indispensable. Nath45200

I am pregnant;-)

Thank you! Laurie Login: Llaurie

I can very happily announce that…

I am about 9 days away from having my much desired baby!! many thanks Bonnie

A very big thankyou to Co-Parents.net…

it is a fantastic site. Keep up the good work! I have achieved my dream of donating to sombody and making their ultimate dream come true. I am not the expectant father of twins no less. Many thanks Jobdone.

We found our donor

on your site. Thank you Lilou et Angel

I met someone thanks you …

and we had a very beautiful baby … thank you again to you Florent (Papeau)

I did find what i was looking for.

Thank you very much for your help. Rohan1983

I found what I looking for.

I was able to meet a woman who lives only about 40 minutes away and we have agreed to a co-parenting situation. Thank you this website. Dave276

I have met through your site

the person I want to try this adventure. Thank you. PatrickParis

I found what I was looking on the site

and I thank you. The proposed baby is in progress… Anthony

Thank you!

So far I have found 3 candidates. I don’t feel I can get any better for the meantime. So – thank you very much!Kind regards, Zanna

Through this site, I met a sperm donor

and we became co-parents of an adorable little girl last December. Without co-parents.net, our roads would never cross. We wish to thank the people behind this site for the happiness we owe them. Fanor & breton35

Thanks for your fantastic site,

i have found my donor and am currenlt during my second cycle of trying to concieve. Thinker

I have found a suitable co-parent match

Thank you!!!! Dalen

Almost 4 months pregnant,

and the way of love! Thanks. Camaieu

I am pregnant

Many thanks Stacey

A little baby has come

since my registration … Thank you again. Charles

I have just given birth

a beautiful baby boy. Thank you Chloe

Thankyou for your website.

I found a very nice sperm donor and am now pregnant. Thankyou. Yours faithfully. Donna75

I found the future father of my children.

Thank you for the quality and effectiveness. Sincerely, Virginie

I am now 8 weeks pregnant

with a co-parenting partner whom I met on this site. THANK YOU so, so much, this site is amazing and without it I may never have experienced the remarkable gift of motherhood. Thank you so much, this website is such a wonderful, much needed resource and I am eternally grateful!!!! Carly

A very big thank you to your site!

It helped us find what we wanted! At the same place, right time! Now begins the adventure … K221

I have met the most amazing woman

I have ever known using your service. Thankyou for setting this website up,without it I would have missed out on something special. Alex

I am pregnant, have found a donor.

Many thanks for your wonderfull website. Michelle

I found my donor

Thanks so much for your website. You are helping so many people. Lara

I am currently 4 weeks pregnant 🙂

Thank you so much again. Jennah

Thank you for creating a wonderful website

that gives many people a chance to make their dreams of becoming a parent come true. Kind Regards Dawn

I have found a donor

and no longer need this site. Thank you! Morgan