Young woman looking to co parent asap!

by beccafrx » 31 Jan 2017

Hello I am a young healthy nearly 19 year old. I know this is considered quite young but there is really nothing more that I want to be than a mother!
I am from north west England looking for a man (worldwide, i would relocate or whatever suits) to get me pregnant (Preferably no older than 40). I would consider helping gay couples or couples that can't concieve if the arrangements suited. Please comment or message me to discuss!!

by davep » 01 Feb 2017

where north west becca?

by Lenslim » 03 Feb 2017

Hi Becca,
Please do get in touch with me if you are still looking.


by korky » 06 Feb 2017

please contact dave looking also a.s.a.p.

by s1t9e89 » 16 Mar 2017

Hi are u still looking?? Am in Manchester but willing to travel

by Midland8 » 11 Apr 2017

Hi, are you still looking for a co-parent?

by Chris2015c » 13 Apr 2017

Hello please contact me to discuss. Very interested to help.
I also know someone that could use your help as you are suggesting is possible.

by Helper » 16 Apr 2017

Im near carlisle if you are still looking for help

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