A young donor in the Hertfordshire area and London

by cem26 » 26 Oct 2012

I am looking to give a donation to a couple or single woman. I live in the Hertfordshire area however london is not very far from me. The big question one should ask why should you pick me as there are hundreds of other men to choose from. I am 26 years old with a baby of my own, I am happily married, I am a phD holder in history and philosophy and work as a history teacher.

If you really want to know more or would like to see my photo you just have to view my profile. There is just one catch I will be going abroad this week as I work abroad and I will be back in the UK on December so I was thinking in that time leading up to December we could get to know each other online just so we can feel more comfortable and see if we want to go any further. I am looking to have no involvement after baby is conceived and will leave you in the good grace of a bundle of joy.

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