by donator » 05 Sep 2018


I'm an Asian male from Yorkshire seriously looking to coparent. I've been on this site for a while, nobody is serious about coparenting.

I'm financially secure and would look after my child's mother especially through the stages of pregnancy. I want someone who is serious willing to work with me.

I've had previous females reply but not serious about it, if your going to do that I rather you not reply and not waste mine and your time. If you want a genuine bloke who is willing to help in every step of the way and not abandon you down the road, then please message me.

Thank you.

by IraMo91 » 07 Sep 2018

Hello i am sure you will find someone who will help you, do you need a SM?

by Hassdenf » 07 Sep 2018

Hi I’m very interested and new to this site not really sure how it works could you please contact me

by donator » 10 Sep 2018

Hi IraMo,

Sorry but I don’t know what SM mean. However, I am looking for someone who is wanting to have a baby and I can coparent.

by donator » 12 Sep 2018

Hi Hassdenf,

I’ve sent a wink at your profile, you can review my profile and if I fit your interests then message and we can dicuss further.

by Brown04 » 20 Jan 2019

Hi. Have a look at my profile and you are interested text me.

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