Would love to fall in love and have baby, but it's not..

by Denmark » 09 Feb 2015

happening :)

And the clock is ticking.

So I'm asking for a donation or a co-parenting agreement.

I'm intellegent (been IQ tested :)), good looking and in good health (ancestors lived to be over 100 years old).

by Peter31 » 13 Feb 2015

Hi! I'm not sure where you are in England or whether I can help, but we could certainly talk via email; I am a 55 year old doctor of medicine with scientific leanings (profile at Peter31). I am a little too inquisitive for my own good sometimes, creative, passionate (eg piano) and already in a 20-year relationship. My girlfriend, Chris, has grandchildren so I know and love several children. However, I would like to have children of my own and would be very happy to help someone else achieve THEIR dream through AI.

Geography will inevitably be a problem, not least because I am not settled yet. At the moment I am locumming in various places (mostly in the South Central region and mostly in Addiction Psychiatry). However I strongly believe that "Where there is a will, there is a way" - even after several years of trying!

I hope things work out for both of us - and maybe together!

Best wishes

by Wahid » 14 Feb 2015

Hi I hope you are well, just a quick message to let you know i have just sent you a message with my profile, please let me know if your interested

i look foward to hearing from you

Kind regards


by Niwh2 » 19 Nov 2015

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