Would love to become a father

by robjwll » 31 Jan 2017

Hello everyone. I am 43 yrs old. Married with my lovely hubby and I am looking now to fulfill my life. I would love to have a child. I am a normal person who has worked hard in his life, completely settled and holding a hons degree with a stable job. Also for my partner too.
I would love to have a baby for ourselves but we can still be able to coparenting as well.
Anyone out there? we are based in West Midlands.
Thank you to you all.

by robjwll » 03 Feb 2017

Is it anyone out there able to help us to have a child? A lovely person who would love to be a mother. Thank you.

by JWB1989 » 03 Jul 2017

Hi Rob,

How are you? Would like to have to have a chat regarding.

Jo :)

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