Would love to be a dad

by Cosi » 20 May 2020

Central London based gent that would love to have a child, it's something I've always wanted and imagined would have happened by now. I have 3 beautiful nieces I'd do anything for but it's time to have my own. I would imagine the mother being the main carer with support from myself and an active role. I'm not set on where I live and practical details. Would love to chat

by Jozzles3 » 04 Jun 2020

Hi, I am in a similar situation and would love to chat a little more about it

by Cosi » 09 Jun 2020

Hey Jozzles I'd be happy to chat :) feel free to send me a message if you can x

by Snowie55 » 11 Jun 2020

I'm a single parent to one child -always wanted one more but never met the right person. Would be interested in co-parent/distant parent situation

by Caro777 » 11 Jun 2020

Hi Cosi! I'm new to this site - only just joined. Would be very interested in chatting to you :-)

by AntoCVGP » 18 Jun 2020

Hello Cosi, I am a single woman, I will turn 39 in September and would love to have a baby. I haven't met the right person and would love to co-parent with someone who would love his kid and I would like to talk more about it.

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