Would love to be a mother

by Bodhi » 22 Oct 2012

And would like a donor who would like some involvement.....want a child who knows who their father is whether it be fully involved or just once or twice a year. If a proper relationship would start between us that would be a bonus ....but I know it's rare to find. Anyway if you are serious and in the Munster region or can travel to there then strike a convo. :)

by mike71 » 26 Nov 2012

i dont know where munster is but im in belfast ive hopefully had my reply approved on your other post ... so you looking for a man too ...hmmm well lets chat and see what may happen ... im in a unhappy relationship anyway and its poisoning me anyways ..lets chat get to know each other ill tell you my real life so you understand why i say what i have said maybe i could be who you have wanted who knows ..dont pass up im serious and very honest and above all genuine i have a good heart and believe in a lot of morals ..get to know me

anything can happen ... if you got email lets communicate it could be that being on here was fate .yeah ok maybe not but you dont know do you stranger things have happened..even with me ...


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