Willing to give sperm :)

by malberto » 19 Oct 2019

Hey what's going on.
I'm a 24 yr old straight white Australian guy 178-179 cm with German/Spanish roots (1/4 Spanish, 3/4 German) just wanting to help out all the families with fertility problems :) I got no family health problems - nothing, no criminal record, all clean haha,
I study business at the moment in my final year at university.
Here for: sperm donation (co-parenting maybe) AI OR NI doesn't matter.
Send me a message if you're interested :)))

by Amelia19 » 22 Oct 2019

Hello my names amelia im 23 from essex i just saw your post. Would you willing to give your apeem to me to help me out.

by ZarZar » 23 Oct 2019

Where are you based?

Looking for donor.

by Tiff » 23 Oct 2019

Hi, read your profile, you seem like a decent guy.
Where are you located?

Any pictures of you now or as a baby please?


by kirstyl » 30 Oct 2019

Very interested please contact me

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