Wife decided no children for us.... :(

by Loveable » 19 Sep 2016

Hello, thank you for stopping to read. I have been with my wife for 15 years and married for 11 years now, we both had professional careers and decided to put off becoming parents until later in life. This was mainly to ensure finiancial security/stability and so we where ready after enjoying ourselves traveling etc. However and much to my horror and disappointment my wife told me 18 months ago she now didn't want children, this came as a complete shock to me and took me sometime to digest the news. I hoped she would change her mind and during the last 18 months I have approached the subject gently, but sadly she hasn't changed her mind whatsoever.

I am 38 now and can't believe I won't be part of bringing a new life into this world or know I am a Daddy, I love my wife and at the current time can't think about leaving her however that could change?! I would love being a Daddy but understand this could be difficult, I have given thought to how I would feel knowing I had a child in the world which I didn't see? Believe me I have given this nothing but thought in the past 18 months. I want to be a Daddy and need to find a loving, caring, kind, healthy, fun lady who wants to be a Mummy.

I don't just want to get anyone pregnant with our child, I want to be sure that the other person wants a baby for the right reasons......

I am healthy, Dark haired, Blue eyes, Fantastic skin, I would say olive skin (tan very early) I stand roughly 6ft in Hight approximately 15 stone. I have my own teeth and my genetics are good we don't have a history of any nasties in our family either mentally or otherwise. I am very caring fun happy, I am very independent too and can do the washing ironing cleaning as well as the gardening etc lol.

I have found myself in a very difficult and sad situation, I haven't spoken to anyone about it as it upsets me greatly. Then I stumbled across this website and thought maybe there is a tiny little light at the end of that tunnel?

What are your thoughts on my situation?

by salsa53 » 19 Sep 2016

Ive Got that Tee Shirt Mate , i was 42 when it happened too me , after 18 years , get out of your Marriage , the desire to become a Dad just gets worse the older you get , you are young enough to be taken seriously by a fertile Lady and build a new relationship and become a Dad , [ unlike myself ] , one Life live it . Russ

by ali1995 » 14 Jan 2017

am looking to get pregnant the right way if u don't mind chatting to me let me know

by dreams » 20 Jan 2017

After reading your post it really did pull at my heart strings. I can't imagine how u are feeling, must be heart breaking especially after an agreement of waiting until you both enjoyed being a newly married couple.
Have you spoken to her about ur concerns and how you are feeling about it now she doesn't want to?
Feel free to message me.

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