White Sperm Donor needed for AI in London for Gay Woman

by hapfam38 » 29 Jun 2020

Hello all,

My name is Katy and I'm a 38 year old, black professional and mum to one who identifies as a lesbian.
I am looking to complete my family by having one more child so I need the help of a donor in order to make this happen.

I am looking for a White Donor only (personal preference) between the ages of 33 and 39. I would be the Main caregiver with No parental involvement from the donor but I am happy to send pictures and keep you updated. Possibility of meeting the child in the future so he or she knows where they came from. I would also prefer that only my name be on the birth certificate so we both know where we stand.

Something to note is that I use crutches occasionally due to some muscle weakness in my knees but you should also know that Nothing holds me back from achieving anything and I already have one child who wants for nothing so please don't be put off from wanting to help me... I work also but I am happy to make myself available during ovulation. Honesty in this case is always the best policy.

I hope to hear from Genuine donors only.


by munster » 05 Jul 2020

Hi I help u older man single

by hapfam38 » 08 Jul 2020

Hello munster.

Please send me a personal message so I can learn more about you as I can't find you on the main site page. How old are you and where do you live for example?

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