22 white male SD

by rb90 » 11 Nov 2012

im 22 nice looking and looking to become a SD i want this to be as simple as possible
i dont mind travelling as long as petrol is covered etc i would also like
to have a small amount of contact now and again

can all the people who have messaged me and winked contact me thru here pls

no lesbian couples please

i would prefer AI at home and would consider NI only if this is the only way you want to do it


by jade198 » 18 Nov 2012

Hi, can you recieve messages? Id like to know a little bit more about you, for instance why you want to donate? If you know that you are definately fertile and how you know this? Do you have evidence of a recent clear health check? What kind of contact do you want? Is contact very important to you or would you consider donating without contact with any child born as a result?
Feel free to message me

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