White British Yorkshire Male Donor available

by Tyke » 22 Aug 2020

Hi, I live in West Yorkshire and have some time off. I have recently had a STD test and was clear. Am willing to travel but currently reliant on public transport (buying car in October). I could possibly have a short "staycation" and arrange a donation.

I haven't donated before and still might have children of my own.


by SophieB » 02 Sep 2020

I’m interested . Is there any other way of contacting u to chat

by babyma23 » 10 Sep 2020

I live in Scotland. Would you be willing to travel and my partner and me would pay the travel fare ? We are looking for a sperm donor only . Would you be willing to do that ?

Thanks Alicia

by Hopes20d » 10 Sep 2020

Hi I'm interested... In ni or ai... I'll come to you and we can arrange? Do you charge as I'd prefer a free donation to enable me to have funds for my baby xx

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