White British donor available

by Turtle » 30 Jul 2020

I successfully helped with 8 donor babies between 2014-2017 and am now willing to help again.

I am 6ft, green/blue eyes, intelligent....

Based within the M4 corridor I am in easy reach of the Thames Valley, the South West, London, the South, the Midlands, the South East and South Wales.

Let me know if you are interested.

Good luck in you quests

by Dellaa » 31 Jul 2020

Hi there I am new to this and have no idea where to start, I am looking for a sperm donor for myself and my lesbian partner, do you have any advice on how this all works? Congratulations on helping so mamy people that's so amazing

by Turtle » 03 Aug 2020

Hi Della,
Once you have a short list of donors ask questions.
Don’t be afraid to ask anything. It could be relating to parenting attitudes if coparenting and religion, health, existing children, donation method, success rate, logistics, etc.
By the way I helped two recipients with siblings so it was 6 recipients/couples for the 8 babies :)

by Zeberdee » 07 Aug 2020

Hi I’m new to this also.
Would be happy to discuss further looking for a donor not to co-parent in the Dorset area.
Let me know if you’re willing to discuss further

by hapfam38 » 09 Aug 2020

Hello Turtle,

Please contact me if you feel you are able to help me and like the sound of my profile.


by Turtle » 10 Aug 2020

Hi Zeberdee,
Get in touch.

by Turtle » 11 Aug 2020

Zeberdee - what are you looking for?

by Janey30 » 13 Aug 2020

I'm not sure how to message you. I'm in Devon and looking for an experienced donor to see if they can help me

by sue444 » 20 Aug 2020

hi get in touch looking for a proven sperm donor

by Dclark » 29 Aug 2020

Turtle can you inbox me would like to know more and if you can help please

by Nikki283 » 14 Sep 2020

Hi, we are a married couple looking for a sperm donor only. We have had a couple of unsuccessful IUIs due to timing them, and would like to increase our chances now by having a donor to AI at home a few times over the Ov window.

Is it something you can do ? Drop us a line.

Thankyou :)))

by devonlas » 04 Oct 2020

Hello, I am looking for a donor (not Co parent) with all the relevant tests and checks. 35 year old causican woman looking to conceive again in the south West Region. Hope to hear from you soon.

by Lesley75 » 05 Oct 2020


I am new to this, how does it work, is it AI or natural insemination?
I am single looking for a sperm donor please.

Kind regards


by Cwendy » 07 Oct 2020

I have never done this before. But can you please explain how this process would work if I wanted you to be a (contact-free) donor?
Thank you.


by Bonny809 » 16 Oct 2020

Hi I’m new to this I will like to know how is work and I’m looking for donor please

by KirKel93 » 22 Oct 2020

This is mine and my partners first time looking for a donor. We are in a lesbian relationship and you seem to be somewhat of what we are looking for in a donor. Check out our profile and send us a message if you think you may be able to help.

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