What's AI+??

by Melvo » 27 Jun 2017

Hi. I'm probably being a bit naïve here! I get what AI and NI is but I recently came across the abbrev AI+ could anyone shed some light on what it entails and are there other methods whose abbrev I've yet to come across?! :) Thanks

by StaceyV » 01 Jul 2017

I'd never heard tell of it either so had a little google lol.
I've copy and pasted this from another page...
AI+ = AI with recipient co-operation (Donation obtained with recipient present and giving assistance in the room and this could be anything to stimulate the donor e.g. parading, mutual touching, a helping hand, oral, anything other than intercourse. The recipient then inseminates the donation as per AI
Hope that helps :)

by Melvo » 22 Jul 2017

Hi StaceyV,

Thanks for the reply. I guess I was being naïve! Lol

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