What I miss the most is being called Dad

by Char14 » 26 Nov 2013

Hi my name is Charlie,
I am looking for a woman to have a child with,but she must want to be the main care giver...
I am looking to have regular contact with the child but do not wish to have a relationship with the mother.
I am in my early 40's and happily married, and my wife is fully supportive of my decision to have a child. Unfortunately my wife is unable to have children, but dose not want me to go through life without the pleasure of being a father.
I am looking for a lady with dark hair and eyes, and on the bigger side..?
You would have to be happy with my wife and I looking after the baby when I have access, my wife is not looking to interfere in the child's upbringing, but would like to be a part of the child's life.
We both have a lot to offer, very down to earth, we feel this arrangement could suit a women out there somewhere...
Please contact me if your are interested in having a chat...

by nunu2 » 10 Jun 2014

Hello Charlie,
Am sorry to hear you do not have a child with your partner however I am happy to consider having a child with you.
Where do you live and does your wife already have a child of her own? Are you both English or is either non English? (Just asking as it's important to know what limitations and jurisdictions that may exist in this arrangement.

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