West Yorkshire married same sex couple seeking AI donor

by cardar » 23 Jan 2012

Hello :)

We are a same sex married couple seeking an AI donor from around, or near our area.

We feel we are ready for our family to grow - and have so much love available for a child in our lives :) D and I have been together for 3 1/2 years, and married for just over a year. D is a home carer, and I am a support worker.

What we really want is a donor who hasn't had/not going to have many recipients. The fewer siblings the better really :) This is to ensure no tricky situations like falling in love (unknowingly) with donor siblings in the future really. We are also hoping we find a donor who may be willing to donate to us for siblings in the future though :) We do not want the donor to Co-parent, but are positive we want a donor who is willing to allow the child to search for them when they are old enough.

What I really want is for a close a match as possible to my wife in terms of general looks. So:
Dark hair
Preferably blue eyes (but as mine are dark brown it wont really matter- I'm sure)

We require full up to date proof that our donor is free of STI's (including HIV). We will pay for travel expenses, and would prefer to do donations at a hotel (so will pay for that too of course) :)

We really are just longing to start a family of our own...if you feel you could give us such an amazing gift, then we would be extremely happy to hear from you :)

Thank you.

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