West Sussex Sperm Donor

by marcope9 » 25 Jan 2020


I am looking to donate to someone (or a couple) who are responsible and decent. I am only looking to donate via the AI method. Am based in West Sussex so anyone within this county is fine by me. Am also willing to consider anyone in Surrey, East Sussex and Hampshire as they are neighbouring counties. Would be committed to whoever I helped until pregnancy was achieved.

Am also open to some form of loose/or close co-parenting arrangement if the chemistry is right. If co-parenting, the person would need to be a similar age, intelligent, cultured and responsible.

Happy to chat and send more details/photos :)

by EJ08 » 29 Jan 2020

Hi, I am based in Hampshire. I am 31, single, work full time and co-own my house with my father. Would be interested in finding out more about you. Look forward to hearing from you.

by KayVee » 02 Feb 2020


My wife and I are desperate for a baby asap. We are in Eastbourne east Sussex. If you are interested in helping us please reply :)

Thank you!

by Another1 » 13 Feb 2020

Hi, I am interested please message me and we can have a chat, thanks

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