Well Educated & Handsome Donor in UK (NI only). :)

by Sid4fun » 07 Oct 2015


I am seeking to help people who wish to become loving parents to a child.

I well educated (Master in India), 27 years, 5.10ft, 60kg (slim/athletic) and Asian. In my circle of friends I have a couple that cannot get a baby on their own. Therefore I came up with the idea to help women to make their dream of a baby become truth.

I like sports as well as travelling and meeting new people from different cultural backgrounds. My friends say that I am an open-minded and friendly person.

There are no hereditary disorders in my family. My grandparents are all still alive.

I wish to donate only (not co-parent). I do not request contact with the child and should be discreet.

If you are looking of a healthy, intelligent, good looking, friendly and honest donor please get in touch.

- Sid

by Sam1990 » 15 Feb 2016

Hi myself and my partner have been together for 2 years now and have a perfect relationship we have been talking about kids since we got together however have had no luck in finding a sperm doner, as my partner is of a asian background i would perfer a asian male preferably as i would like our child to grow up as a part of her and knowing about the origin. However we have discused changing the egg doner. We would just be asking for sperm no involvement if needed. Its everything and more to help us change our future. If interested please contact us on ***.

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