Well educated black guy looking for a female co-parent.

by Chris2x » 25 Dec 2015

I am 36 years old, well educated with a stable job. I am looking for a female who is interested in co-parenting. I would like to be fully involved in the child's upbringing and provide all the support ( including financial support) needed. Please get in touch if you are interested.

by Peanut » 02 Jan 2016

Hi Chris,

I am interested, where about in the UK are you?


by vikkimitch » 18 Jan 2016


Same question x

by bubba » 21 Jan 2016

Hi me and my fiancé are looking for a donor in hertfordshire would you be interested in a lesbian couple?

Xx Ellie and G xx

by QueenZ » 04 Oct 2016

Hi would you consider assisting me and parenting together??

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