We are looking for a donor not a father, not a partner

by hope344 » 18 Aug 2015

We are a married couple of women. We are in love and real lesbians so ... of course, we're looking for a man with moral values and a heart who really want to help us.
My wife is 44 and I am 34. She had the chance to have two children but they are young adults and ... I never had the chance to have a child. We want to have our family and to give our child love and happiness.
We are looking for a man who can understand that we need our family and the donor can't be a part of this family...We are looking for a donor not a father, not a partner ! No intercourse !
When you put your sperm into the toilets you don't expect to see it later ! :lol:
Sorry for the joke... Well, what we can assure you, if it works ...is that your DNA will stay on earth :D and this child will be loved, educated, and we'll do everything to offer him the better life we can. I m an historian and my wife was a paramedic for the last 18 years. She is having her own business now and she deserves it as she took after the others during almost 20 years. Now we want to fulfill our dreams and the most important one is to have our family, to look after a child...to show him or her that life is a gift and we can be happy. It's not always easy but love is the key.
If you are in good health, if you think we deserve happiness and if you truly think we can bring joy and love to a child's life... please, help us !

by ANDY15 » 12 Apr 2016

hello I am a gentle man who would like to help ai only and safety before anything else

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