Wanting to be a mum

by Hannah99 » 01 Nov 2018

Hello Everyone,
I never knew there was a website out there like this... it seems very surreal.

I am a 27 year old female in a very happy relationship with my girlfriend.
From our first date I made it very clear I want to be a mother and she had been so supportive with this. Obviously being two woman we cannot conceive ourselves but we have no idea how lesbian couples even begin to go down the sperm donor route. Anything anyone can share with me would be greatly appreciated
Hannah x

by Pug6530 » 03 Nov 2018

Hi Hannah

Where are you?

by Happy71 » 05 Nov 2018

If you want me to help then read my profile and if you're happy then get back to me.

by Donor1 » 19 Nov 2018

Hi Iam happy to help

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