UK Guy interested in helping me become a mum

by CDawson » 29 Jan 2016

Looking for any UK Guy interested in helping me become a mum, don't be put off by my age, can travel, NI Only

by Giftof » 05 Feb 2016

ok, i am interested to help you but AI only as i am happily married.

by cki1992 » 05 Feb 2016

Hey CDawson!

I'd love to help you achieve your dream of a child and want to do NI!

Please do get to know me if you're interested and I'll tell you more about me and show you photos etc!

Have a great weekend xx

by corcaigh » 07 Feb 2016

Hello I'm a 32 year old Irishman fit and healthy with STD check
Get in contact see if I can help you

by hassle » 08 Feb 2016

Hi, am happy to help! Am tall, white, brown hair/eyes. hassle

by Donordavid » 16 Feb 2016

Hi, I'm interested in helping you. Please get in touch, I'm a fully paid member so can and will reply. David

by wayne47 » 17 Feb 2016

Am in liverpool love to help you with ni donation am singke willing to help

by jasonbaby » 18 Feb 2016

hey my name is jason i live in london u wanner meet up

by Chris2015c » 25 Mar 2016

Send a mail and we can chat would love to help

by jimi14 » 03 Apr 2016


I'm interested helping. Get in touch so we can talk more x

by Geysh » 08 Apr 2016

Did you find anyone to help you?

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