Want Natural sperm donation

by Elin98 » 02 Jul 2017

Looking for a natural insemination, i live in sweden but i will be in the UK at the end of july.

by SalopGuy » 03 Jul 2017

Hi Elin

I am available throughout July to help you.

by pwill79 » 04 Jul 2017


Check out my profile and get in touch, if you are interested. I cant see your profile though... is it new?

by PhDsperm » 04 Jul 2017

I can help, get in touch. I'm close to London


by Jr40ken » 05 Jul 2017

Hi please check my profile and let me know if you like me

by dmiles10 » 05 Jul 2017

Hi Elin98

Can I ask what part of the UK will you be visiting?


by Andrew86 » 05 Jul 2017

Contact me if you are interested

by DeJean » 08 Jul 2017

Hello Elin,

I live in the Netherlands, not too far from the UK or Sweden.
Perhaps I can be of assistance.

Kind regards,

by John1985 » 08 Jul 2017

I can also help you.

by Stepheng » 16 Jul 2017

I'm free if it's Scotland your visiting

by EthanS » 18 Jul 2017

Im a 24 year old male and 6,11 tall looking to help you get pregnant message for details, im a professional and have a university degree,

by wayne47 » 18 Jul 2017

Am in liverpool able to donate sperm able to donate natuaral and available all months

by EthanS » 18 Jul 2017


I would be willing to give you sperm

Im a working professional, from london

I have a healthy 3 year old already

Im 6,11, sportie

Message me if you details?

by SigiM » 19 Jul 2017

I imagine a queue of willing volunteers. I am definitely interested: I am of mixed nordic stock, if that helps, with Swedish on both sides. I am a professional, with high IQ, science undergraduate degree and PhD from Oxford and Cambridge respectively and write novels for a hobby. Mine is also a musical family and I am a skier and hill walker.
Let me know if I can assist via AI or NI.

by user555 » 21 Jul 2017


by EthanS » 25 Jul 2017


I live in london, ill be willing to help you get pregnant

by saturn » 26 Jul 2017

Happy to help.

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