Very Interested in co parenting

by mac » 12 Jul 2015

I would be very interested in co parenting, I already have a son but would very much like to have more children. I'm wanting to be very hands on because I think its important for children to know who both parents are, both have important contributions to upbringing. Its important that both parents have things in common and have similar ideas on how children should be brought up, so getting to know each other is very important. Having children is a huge step and commitment.

by Romio74 » 24 Jan 2016

How are you? I am interesting to coparent and came with Morales, values background,heterosexual, caring, loving, intelligence, no iconic disease, live healthy life
Distance is not object I can travel and support my new baby financially, so if you still available please let me know.
Hope To Hear From You Soon
Kind Regards

by Mtattu » 03 Feb 2016

I saw your post. I noted you mentioned you don't mind traveling. I am based in Mozambique, close to South Africa.
I am looking for a co-parent and also don't mind the travel.
Christian values are important.
Where are you based?

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