Very healthy white male donor (33 years old)

by Wtaylor1 » 29 Jan 2020

33 year old white male sperm donor,
Blue eyes, brown hair, very healthy and have no medical complaints at all, very fast runner ,very intelligent and very good personality traits (friendly, loyal, sharing, caring & very loving)
Ina relationship with a partner i cant have children with, so i need to pass on my seed another way just hope that i can help fulfil your and my dream by having children.
I would be willing and happy to provide any help aswell.

by Emily103 » 01 Feb 2020


where are you based at?

by clou » 03 Feb 2020

Hey, Are you still available?

by jovivien » 07 Feb 2020

Hello, I’m looking for a donor and would love to discuss further!

by Cooper31 » 22 Feb 2020

Hi new to this site but I have read your profile and would like to possibly discuss things further I'm a 31 year old female with three existing beautiful children looking to complete my family but due to circumstances my partner can no longer have children I am thankful that me and my partner have an open dialogue and he realises that we are just trying to complete a family and realise our dreams and would love to go forth as a complete family with the help from a generous person

by JackiDeb » 01 Mar 2020

Hi there,

Can you contact me please would be interested in discussing further.

by MagdaPit » 09 Mar 2020

Hi i m interested pm me

by Nixidust » 14 Mar 2020

Pm me please ☺️

by Catie » 15 Mar 2020

Hi I’m a long distance runner looking for a match! Would you be able to message me please. Thank you

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