Very fertile female looking for a partner to start a family

by Kay777 » 11 Nov 2018

Dear Fertile Men,

Young looking, fit, healthy 44 year old female looking for a fertile man to form a relationship and then immediately start a family.
I believe after a couple of meetings of honest and open questions and some interviews, then we will know if we could have a beautiful life together.

There is no guarantee in life, but you can do your best to ask the necessary questions and spend the necessary time together. This process will involve you speaking to a couple of people I will appoint. You are free to have someone ask me questions. All I am doing is fast tracking a traditional process.

I have my own home and car, friends, extended family, just need a home full of my own family.

Good Luck xx

by EdiPeter » 13 Nov 2018

Where are you?

by Elya20 » 14 Nov 2018

Hi I like to no you more if you like that send me you mobile number we can talk on the phone

by Donor1 » 19 Nov 2018

Hi Iam happy to help

by Mido74 » 18 Feb 2019

Hi ,
are you still looking ? if your answer yes please let us chat soon .

by Romi30 » 14 May 2019

I’m interested are you still looking for someone?

by WaterAnn » 19 May 2019

Did you find someone?

by Mike83 » 03 Jul 2019

Message me if you need help x

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