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    Posted by CoParents on 27 May 2024 at 08:27


    My name is Leah Gilman. I am a Research Fellow at The University of Sheffield. Currently I’m leading the Digital Donor Conception study which explores people’s experiences of informal sperm donor conception (i.e. outside of medical institutions). You can find out more on our website:
    (or google Digital Donor Conception Sheffield and you should find us).

    We would love to speak to (intended) parents or donors who have conceived/donated via informal donor conception routes (i.e. outside of clinics or sperm banks). Participants needs to have a connection to the UK. It would be great to include the experiences of some members if possible.
    We’ve now introduced a £20 voucher for all participants as recognition of their time and contribution.

    I have attached an image which can be shared on social media (I have others suitable for different platforms but could only send one here) or I can send an email which could be sent out to members. All help is hugely appreciated.

    All the best and thank you so much for considering this request.


    Dr Leah Gilman (she/her)

    Wellcome Trust Research Fellow

    Department of Sociological Studies

    University of Sheffield

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