Am I too harsh? Recipient that gives up after first month

by andyUK » 24 Jul 2014

I am wondering if I am being too harsh. I sat down and had a long chat with a recipient and asked if they were in it for the long term - as in it may not happen first month so would they be prepared to keep trying for sometime - at least 3 to 6 months. They said yes no problem at all and they were very committed. After the first month of no success they emailed me saying as it took me 30 minutes to drive to them they had found someone else on the website 5 minutes away down the road and were going to use him. They felt no concern about going against what they said or feeling as though any commitment had been agreed between the two of us.

Am I right to feel annoyed?

by Susie30 » 11 Aug 2014

Think you are right. For both parties this is a big commitment and both parties should understand what it feels like being let down at the last minute or to spend all that time talking and getting agreements for them to fall through. Sorry to hear that.

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