TO pilot RE:NI donation

by lou1980 » 20 Mar 2012

I'm sorry but you are very incorrect in stating that NI gives a better chance than AI. In fact AI in women with no fertility issues has been shown to be as good, if not better at making babies as opposed to NI. AI also decreases the risk slightly of STIs (with virtually no tear risk) & therefore is viewed as a safer option for women. Not to mention the fact that men who do NI are at increased risk of catching something from doing so anyway. Therefore genuine recipients will be less likely to desire your services.

I can give you a first hand testimony to the fact I became pregnant at 24 years old, 5 years ago from my very first try at AI. You are misleading women to bed you & it's a bit pathetic.

Also infections like chlamydia which you are likely to catch when donors don't have adequate time to check or don't want to pass up an offer of sex, will pass on to women & these are dangerous to have while pregnant. HIV is perhaps the worst STI to catch, but it can stay undetected after sex for 6 months. So unless you are only having unprotected sex with one woman per 6 months & checking- you could be donating HIV to them also. It's all very well having STI tests, but anyone can lie to get the all clear- even recipients. What woman who needs her health more than ever now that she wants to be a mum, would take such a clear present risk! There are so many kind genuine AI donors who are not blackmailing women for sex, I just don't believe any real woman would be so naive as to do NI. I do wonder sometimes when I hear stories of NI whether these are guys trying to plant stories to try & get real recipients to think this is common. I know many recipients on other sites & believe me NI is in reality virtually unheard of. Most women prepared to do it are capable of going to a bar & choosing exactly who they want, getting them checked out + at least getting a free meal etc out it. Anyway who would want to have sex with someone who could for all they know be a mental patient out on day release, it seems rather dangerous to me.

by pilot » 31 Mar 2012

Ah, Lou...we are all entitled to our own opinions, and i respect the fact you have yours. Should you desire not to enter into N.I. the that is entirely your perogative. I agree wholeheartedly with your suggestions as to the various risks that can be present in any N.I. scenario - to that end, as you correctly say, an STI test and production of results may go some way to mitigate the risks, but how do you know i have not done that already many times over a period of a year between insemination of recipients (i might add, with no infection problems of any sort) ?.

I understand your feelings and opinions, i just don't equally share them - i have that choice, as does everyone else - i prefer to donate via N.I. as for reasons stated previously - anyone considering me can either choose to consider me, or not - everyone has a choice. I sense bitterness in your replies, and for reasons i'm not entirely sure - i have no interest in delving into your personal affairs, as they are just that - personal. I am not looking to mis-lead anyone, or "bed" anyone purely for sexual gratification, but every individual has the right to judge for themselves if they believe it, and choose accordingly. As for going to a bar/restaurant and selecting a partner, and "getting at least a free meal etc." - isn't that suggesting something contrary to what in the main is the purpose here ? after all, this is not a romantic interlude, suggesting flowers and gifts, and love......maybe i'm being a little clinical in that last statement, but i think in summary you need to take a little time, breathe, and judge a little less. Then the bitterness and resentment will subside, and you can lead an ordinary life as you wish to live it.

by Hope121 » 09 Apr 2012

I had my son three years ago using a sperm donor and N.I all very sucessfully. I'm sure A.I is equally sucessfull and would use either on this attempt at pregnancy. Everyone's individual choice which should be made without judgement.

by Helen00 » 10 Apr 2012

I agree wholeheartedly with Pilot and Hope on this matter. I for one would consider either method if it successfully achieves the end product. As Pilot quite rightly states 'this is not a romantic interlude' just a method used to give us woman the baby we yearn for. There is no room for judgement if you are serious about wanting a baby and I think this website may just be the godsend I am looking for. x

by pilot » 16 Apr 2012

Hi Helen and Hope,

Many thanks for your postings in support of my posting, i'm not out to belittle Lou, bud i did feel i needed to get my point over. Hopefully i've not come across as to aggressive with her :D

Hopefully your both managing to find the results your seeking on here, and if i can be of help or assistance in any way, then feel free to ask away !.

by Hope121 » 18 Apr 2012

Hi pilot,

Where do you live?? Not met anyone to help yet - am in east of Scotland and not many donors.

Hope :)

by pilot » 27 Apr 2012

Hi Hope,

Am down near Gatwick but am often in Scotland as part of my job.....more than happy to discuss with you if you might like to consider me for N.I. donation ?

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